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April 14, 2012


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The only question arises after reading articles like this: is seeing a strong competitor to the monopoly of the Western media for the "truth" the only reason for them being so sarcastic about the RT?


You think than there is only one oppinion - WH (white house)oppinion? and all others is a bull shit. Idiot.

Account Deleted

Lol. I see, that my american friends have so strong hurt about RT ^^
But first you must look to yourself. Your propaganda in the article more much than propaganda of RT

Sorry for my English.


@ Tricky
" seeing a strong competitor to the monopoly of the Western media for the "truth" the only reason for them being so sarcastic about the RT?"

It has nothing in common with real sarcasm, dear Tricky. It's merely an intrusive delirium of the author of this article, who is apparently an obsessed republican neocon - (unfortunately we still have lots of them in the US), or pre-paid propaganda of a competing TV channel, or both. Since the sentence with singing praises to Miriam Elder, as “one of the most interesting journalists covering Moscow”, I’ve lost any interest to the story. Miriam’s crap being published on the Guardian’s pages is beyond any degree of normal (i.e. traditional for US/UK mainstream media) anti-Russian hysteria. Miriam’s recent published masterpiece ‘bout horses on Moscow streets and problems with laundry service was an indicator not only of her miserable taste but of her sheer unprofessionalism. Such people like Miriam or her devoted fan – the author of this article – deserve only a dull position of a secretary, who guards the door of his (her) boss, but since this position isn’t too prestigious they prefer to call themselves ‘writers’ or ‘journalists’ or ‘analysts’…
So, dear Tricky, I’d give you a little advice – don’t waste your time further by reading the junk like this article in numerous doubtful blogs. As for me – I swear I’ll neither do this! I found myself over here just by mistake. Sorry///
…by the way, I definitely like Simonyan. She’s so sexy!


A desperate cry for attention from an agenda driven cretin, intent only on making the article provocative enough, by using the very propaganda and bias he accuses RT of, to get a few thousand website hits and cash in on Ad revenue.

But ho, a degenerate does what a degenerate was born to do.

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