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No Name Resident

The H&G Garden sim for SoS was my favorite sim at the event, beautiful outdoor garden decor, if you ignore the breedables....


Breedables make the SL economy go round, I can't knock them and I have some myself.

Actually, I only saw on breedable store in this whole fair, WK.

I didn't see KittyCats there.

No Name Resident

Then you must have missed the Garden Sim.


That's because those shops are only in it for them.There is a reason all the good work is a gacha only item,It's called Greed plain and simple!

No Name Resident

The Gachas for the SoS event are 100% donation to the cause.


@No Name it's true that I didn't see the garden sim the first two passes there. It's hard to find things even with address boards because they don't put these at the landing point. I did got there later as you can see from my Ravenglass Customized fee and a) I didn't see any breedables and b) I didn't see any "big names" at all.

If the Gachas are 100% "for the cause," that's great, but they sucked as gachas. No big names.


My opinion is that alot of what you term as "big name" create and sell in Second Life for profit. Purely profit. If there is no financial gain for them personally they do not seem to be interested, yet how many of them in Real Life would be among the first seeking a hand out from perhaps many of these same charities. There is a TON of greed in Second Life and a TON of people seeking opportunity in one way or another. The SOS is one of the very few that are 100% proceed to the organization. MSF owns the sims and they come into Second Life for each and every Festival to speak and take part in this event. In the case of SL Creators and "big name" vs. small or unknown ... the people behind the avatar are what make the difference ... it's largely evident. Just my opinion!!

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