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Dennis Jordan

You are mentioned here:

Bakioglu, Burcu S., Off with the Rule Book: Using Transgressive Storytelling in Virtual Worlds to Weave the Lore of Mayhem (May 1, 2015). Closed Systems / Open Worlds, 2015. Available at SSRN: ssrn.com/abstract=2615597

It was around that time that Second life welcomed to its platform a slew of universities who hoped to experiment with the educational possibilities of virtual worlds. One of them, Woodbury University, took an unconventional approach. Instead of merely conducting virtual classes as most conventional institutions did, it encouraged its students to explore the culture of Second Life.

In addition to using the 4chan memes and lore, they adopted a full-blown Soviet theme in their sims as a send-off to Prokofy. To be sure, the end game was to appear to confirm Prokofy’s conspiracy theories linking the group to a higher communist regime.

This way, the Woodbury group played with the overall perceptions that were associated with the griefer persona creatively, spectacularly, and subversively.

The Woodbury contingency was quite bitter about the group bans that had been hastily dished out without proper investigation or due process, based solely on the claims of JLU, causing them to lose their virtual land and creative content.

At the face of what they saw to be injustice, a group came together under the name The Wrong Hands. Comprising of members of Woodbury, W-Hat, and V5, they assumed the role of digital rights activists (Bakioğlu, 2012)


So a griefer professor -- an academic who admires griefers and thinks they are merely "transgressive" instead of *criminal* -- says *I* am a conspiracy theorist, and therefore that is to be believed. Why?

I've never linked this group to any "higher communist regime". This "professor" would be hard put to find anything remotely resembling this claim.

I've made several other, more subtle points that apparently fly over the head of this griefer prof and reader:

1. The griefer professor who was "mentoring" and ENABLING the criminal Woodburies, Prof. Cliff, once went to St. Petersburg to read a paper on leftist economics. To be sure, this was in the post-Communist era. But it suggests that he may have more than a passing fascination with communist ideologies. Of course, you can go to St. Petersburg and read papers about Reagonomics, for that matter. But he did't. BTW you can't find this reference any more on the Internet.

2. Quite aside from any communist regime as such, there is a pattern whereby when I am attacked in RL by Kremlin trolls, some of whom still have the National Bolshevik or Communist ideology as an inspiration, I'm often *also* attacked in SL.

3. I've made the more subtle point that the ideologies of Anonymous, 4-chan, the alt-right and so on have features of authoritarianism and even totalitarianism in them, and Bolshevik "the end justifies the means" sort of ideology. That doesn't mean they are "the same thing" as Soviet Communism which has specific features.

The Communist memes this group adopted didn't come from me or my "conspiracy theories"; it came from their own admiration of this system, and/or a belief that they can do "send-ups" of it like pewdie pie does of Hitler, and pretend they don't share any of the features or ideological beliefs of that system they supposedly "ridicule".

There aren't any group bans that were "hastily dished out". If you repeatedly crash the Lindens' sims with your script antics, if you repeatedly steal content, if you repeatedly harass other users in a variety of ways -- and it's hardly only about me -- you are banned for TOS violations, the end. There are no "transgressions" here by Linden Lab, but application of the TOS justly.

The Wrong Hands aren't "digital rights activists" but assholes pretending to be this as another form of griefing. There are no "rights" wronged here in banning a set of assholes who griefed people and grossly violated the TOS as to copybot and scripts. The end.

Part of their method of griefing involves snowing and co-opting liberal media and academics into portraying them as victims. If any of these liberal or leftist journalists or professors experienced even five minutes of the treatment that these griefers meet out to others and pretend is art, they'd make quick work of their previous theories. "Transgressiveness" is something you can always enjoy when applied to other people you don't like for ideological reasons. Experience it yourself, and you may start to realize the problem, as the liberals in the DNC have about Russia, and as the left in general has about the alt-right in the Anonymous/4-chan cohort.

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