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TL;DR version

- Prok rants about something unbelievably pathetic in a video game and screeches for changes to be made.

- The SL shemales refuse to comply.


No, DRD needs to a) stop hiding their gatcha exchanger that everyone asks about constantly in the group and b) make the redelivery terminal more visible, with the group joiner and events and not hidden by the group gifts on a black board in the dark. Pretty basic.


The windlight part was hilarious.

Emma Frost

Deathrow Design is as their name already tells a gang of evilness. the needed to stop to save secondlife. Its unbelievable that they cannot fullfil such a simple consumer request. setting up this signs would not even take 5 minutes but they prefer to harass visitors and make jokes out of them.


They had the signs set up. But they aren't visible with the dark-on-dark noir depressing decor. Instead of heckling me, yes, they could have said, here's an exact landmark to find it. I went to the store multiple times and looked all over, and figured the Re-Delivery wasn't even near the landing since they hid the Gatcha Exchange far away and made it hard to find, possibly to discourage use of it. I often find that people who make a lot of money selling content in SL feel they don't have to do a damn thing to serve customers and can afford to be total assholes.

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