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Silver Nova

Am I missing something? Did you not put the entire exchange on this post? I do not see how the lady was being bitchy?


You sound like a candidate for the no-rent list yourself.

First, this is said with an edge: [20:34] AnnaLaren: i am very patient

Second, after I say this, she refunds.

[20:34] Prokofy Neva: well you'll have to be even more patient because he's not showing up, the groups are slow, I keep crashing etc so hang on.

WHILE I'm trying to help her and her partner. Which is bitchy and controlling. So I push right back when people do that.


Oh grow up Prok. You're like a petty child who always needs to have the last word. Which is really the whole point of this blog isn't it.

And ffs enough with threats of your lame "NO-RENT LIST" that nobody reads or cares about. Every landlord knows that it is useless because the author is a child who fills it with people she simply does not like regardless of their suitability as a tenant

Ramona Moonsoo

Publish the no-rent list, then...if it even exists.


Hardly a petty child, quite a grown-up at this point who makes short work of spoiled children online.

My "do not rent" list is published inworld, get a copy at my office in Alston, in the shack at the back. All of them for cause. If I didn't like somebody, that wouldn't be a reason for not accepting them as a tenant if they follow the rules.

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