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I dont know why you blogged earlier that the woodburies or wrong hands are behind this. Tizzers is now out of the closet and far too busy pumping himself full of hormones pretending to be a woman, skills hak ran away after being doxxed and now only uses some alt accounts for sales. Who is left to annoy you?

Ariana Tinkerbell

If you think Tizzles Dear and Skills were the only enemies of Prok you are seriously mistaken. Prok has vast amounts of enemies dating back to before Tizzles Dear and Skills were even born, or at least to the days of TSO. Prok also proudly counts most oldbies in SL among her many enemies. Also, Tizzles Dear and Skills were iconic leaders of large communities in SL and surely members of these communities who are still in SL may be behind this even if their past queens are not personally involved. Additionally, in the last few years she has been very active on Twitter and elsewhere and garnered streams of new enemies in Internet and RL communities (related partially to hacking/Internet policy and partially to Russia) previously unrelated to SL who have subsequently read about her status as an SL troll in Encyclopedia Dramatica etc.


And I'm getting complains about my tenants about your alt harassing them -> Mohammadassadal Resident. In that kind of business if you go else where and try to spam people on the sim you get a lot of ennemies...

Mrs. Nor Skosh

MLB... Mohammadassadal Resident has nothing to do with Ravenglass Rentals. It's a brand new account and it's an alt of the same person who's been doing this for a long time. How do I know? Because I'm an LO for a new user help area and they hit us every now and then with conferences... and this idiot hit us today.

Kanye Zindra

Mohammad told me his name Assadal meant Al Assad and that it was a reference to Prokofy Neva, the "Al Assad of Ravenglass".


This is where the owner files a formal complaint to linden labs and I understand why he is being harrassed or excuse me SHE because she is a Royal B herself she has no sense of customer service nor the ability to speak to human beings honestly I don't care what they are doing to her but when they come on my land there is an issuse she needs to handle this make a freakin call to LL and have this solved

Prokofy Neva

You can't "call" Linden Lab about abuse reports, they refuse to take abuse reports on the form or on support tickets. You can ONLY file them inworld, and I've filed them dozens of times, and so have dozens of other helpful people who get it.

That's why all the alts spouting this crap last month are GONE and why there is a new alt, who will get gone soon, too.

It's not about me.

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