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Then, occasionally, you get someone with intelligence and empathy, and that makes all the difference in SL!

[16:29] Coribigale Mornington: You've probably already heard about this but someone has created a bot and is using your name...[16:19] RavenglassRentalsBot3: Rent from Ravenglass Rentals today! In business now in 12th year with mainly Mainland communities. Self-service rentals, open group to start building, no waiting, refundable! FREEDOM! #MAGA community. Muslim-free zone! IM me to add powers to ban, media etc. Your abusive IM is permission to publish your chat. Best regards, Prokofy Neva (Manager, Ravenglass Rentals).


wtf is a drognan anyway

Cate Foulsbane

Just had an encounter with a this bot madness...and now have done an AR. Too bad these nasty people can't be removed from SL. And my condolences to all who have to struggle with constant harassment from these vile creatures.


Sorry they put you through that. Don't let them get to you.


Not your bot? How would you even know what I told your bot in ***private chat***? Are you a total mo-ron (like your hero Trump)? You just proved that the bot is indeed yours. (Which I didn't doubt for a second). Bye.


Um, how would I know? Because this fake "bot" is in fact sending me all the chats, in order to gloat how much he has made stupid people like you angry. I have copies of them all, and they've been sent to the Lindens in ARs. Three of the four "bots" are gone now.


[15:54] Janet Fall: stop spamming me, I am NOT a member of any of your groups
[15:54] Prokofy Neva: http://3dblogger.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2017/10/rental-dementia-griefer-bots.html
[15:54] Janet Fall: I have no intention of renting from you
[15:54] Prokofy Neva: abuse report, NOT MY BOT, it's a GRIEFER
[15:55] Janet Fall: sorry I don't trust that site
[15:56] Prokofy Neva: ok well live in fear and ignorance then Janet, I'm telling you it's a griefer unrelated to me, abuse report it, the Lindens removed 3 of them already, this is the 4th
[15:56] Prokofy Neva: but if it makes you feel better to keep suspecting me and harassing me with this, go ahead! bye!
[15:57] Janet Fall: you assume a lot and it's inaccurate, and your attitude is deplorable
[15:57] Prokofy Neva: yeah, you're one of many clueless gits that make it easy for the Russians to hack America, too. Bye!
[15:57] Janet Fall: I'm not interested in what you have to say, so you are blocked. Have a good day!


One in ten shows some intelligence:

[16:12] Soen Eber: You're probably aware of it already but some admirer of yours is trying to get you harassed or banned by spamming in your name (RavenglassRentalsBot using the Russian spammer template of "get people excited and angry and ready-fire-aim at target of my choosing"

Lilyana Giano

Dispicable, One world , One Race, One People. Who ever is doing this to Prokofy in his name and the predjudices to innocent poeple, needs to be dealt with severely, - I have known Prokofy for many many years, he is a decent human being, and it is disgusting low life behavior that people can go around trying to slant others in this way inside of a game, its also unimaginable damage that can be caused to business people inside of SL who work extremely hard to give others a great place to go in SL, Prokofy like many business people in SL work many many hours to make communities and wonderful objects for the general public. Hope this is sorted out soon. Namaste


But most are stupid like this one:

[16:39] xtralovin: I don't know how you got my name but do not send me anymore racest im's. take my name off your list
[16:41] Prokofy Neva: http://3dblogger.typepad.com/second_thoughts/2017/10/rental-dementia-griefer-bots.html
[16:41] Prokofy Neva: NOT MY BOT
[16:41] Prokofy Neva: ABUSE REPORT
[16:41] xtralovin: well it said it was your bot
[16:42] xtralovin: [15:47] RavenglassRentalsBot5: Rent from Ravenglass Rentals today! In business now in 12th year with mainly Mainland communities. Self-service rentals, open group to start building, no waiting, refundable! FREEDOM! #MAGA community. Muslim-free zone! IM me to add powers to ban, media etc. Your abusive IM is permission to publish your chat. Best regards, Prokofy Neva (Manager, Ravenglass Rentals).
[16:31] xtralovin: take me off your racist list
[16:43] xtralovin: I got this because i went to shellys store
[16:57] Prokofy Neva: can you grasp that it is NOT MY BOT. It's not even a bot, It's a griefer impersonating me and getting people like you riled up for nothing.
[16:58] xtralovin: i just wanted it to stop sending me im's
[16:58] Prokofy Neva: block and abuse report
[16:59] xtralovin: i don't call being a racest nothing
[16:59] Prokofy Neva: then abuse report it, as I have for 3 days, there are 5 of them
[16:59] Prokofy Neva: they are not related to me, they are griefers
[16:59] xtralovin: i told shelly ince her shop is advertised on the website
[16:59] xtralovin: Yes i can grasp it
[16:59] xtralovin: i'm not stupid
[17:00] Prokofy Neva: then stop harassing me with claims that these are related to me when I tell you they are not, and you can AR them. Learn how to do that.
[17:00] xtralovin: i'm not harrassing u
[17:00] xtralovin: i know how
[17:00] xtralovin: why are you getting riled up or nothing
[17:01] Prokofy Neva: why do you keep plugging me with this problem? I've told you multiple times they are not my bots. Get a clue
[17:01] Prokofy Neva: why are YOU so easily riled by a false rumour, AR it and move on

Silvia Pollock

You may not be aware of this, but there is fierce criticism of you in two of the groups I am a member of. This message was sent out to the 7000 members or so in one of them:

"A warning against a racist landlord/troll: A lot of you have probably been spammed by Prokofy Neva these days. She has a years-old horrible reputation as a landlord (she is basically a scammer) and troll dating back nearly two decades. She has a strong hatred of the left, so it comes as no surprise that her bigoted rants are also hateful to muslims etc. If you need to rent a place in SL, there are thousands of better alternatives than Prokofy. IM me if you need some advice."


Well, all of this is arrant nonsense.

I don't have any "rabid hatred of the left". I'm a registered Democrat and I voted for Hillary. I'm critical of the extreme left, that's for sure, notably the Communist left, and that's perfectly fine. What is that poster's affiliation?

I don't have any horrible reputation as a landlord. I haven't scammed anyone. I'd challenge these people to find any evidence of such crazy charges. I wouldn't be in business this long if that were true.

Sometimes if I kick out the latest alt of a griefer, who rents some cheap cabin in order to stage harassment of me, they call this "a scam". Um, the Lindens know the truth, as they ban these alts with racist names renting from me to create havoc only.

People on the left know that the way you can smear a critic is calling them "racist". They know most people are too scared to challenge these charges.

I haven't made any bigoted rant about Muslims. That's insane. A griefer feigning to be my "bot" has. If they can't grasp that, then I have to say: what's wrong with them, that they fall for such fake stories so easily?

Instead of withholding the name of the person who sent this out to "7000 members," you should name the group and its owner. I'm happy to confront them. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Lilyana Giano

I really feel for you Prokofy, If there is anything i can do to help, please do not hesitate to ask.

Soen Eber

I'm afraid you're not really helping yourself with your responses, Prok. You can't give information to someone who is angry, they won't listen and will act defensively to anything you say, and they're not going to click on any links you give them explaining the situation.

You need to start with deescalating the emotions they're dealing with and offering your assistance, something like "I'm sorry that 'bot' made you angry, . I wish I could do something about it."

Wait for their response, create a bridge between deescalation and being informative with something similar to "I hate it to, there's some guy pretending to be me..."

Take a gander at anything that falls out of a web search for (without quotes) "customer service angry customer"

It's slower, but the spammer is counting on the "a satisfied customer tells 2 people, an angry customer tells 20" principle. You need to turn it around so they're mad at the spammer for turning them into an anger puppet, and not at you.

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