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Miranda Sartre

Woodbury and Wrong Hands are/were not the same, but competing groups. You seem to use the term "Woodbury/Wrong Hands" to mean your enemies in general, regardless of whether they actually belonged to either Woodbury or Wrong Hands or perhaps some entirely separate group or no organized group at all. If your neighbour annoys you 20 years hence, you will still blame "Woodbury/Wrong Hands." That must be convenient. You've also claimed that people griefing you are in fact Russians and other people you've made your enemies on Twitter more recently, who've read on ED that SL is the place to find you most of the day.


The last time Tizzers came anywhere near you must (probably) have been your public meeting in March 2010 together with Pixeleen when "This 54-year-old assistant director at Duke Univerity presides over deliberate crashing of everyone's viewers and event griefing" as you wrote then.

Reviewed by Pixeleen here: "Pandering to the need for dramatic tension, Neva has constructed the stage to supercharge the drama. The Sutherland living room is directly next to a large section of Linden protected land where those who have been ejected from Prokofy’s land can fly just out of reach of Neva’s ban rights. Theatrical critics agree that this is an essential part of the performance aesthetic – why hold a meeting where you could control the audience and limit the chaos – the show must go on!" http://alphavilleherald.com/2010/03/review-sutherland-dam-theatre-of-the-absurd.html

Find someone else to blame. You seem to have no trouble attracting endless streams of new enemies who readily replace the old ones, since the days when we first met in TSO (way before Tizzers became a fixation of yours). Perhaps you should consider the role of your own behavior in all this? As Pixeleen wrote, "Without a vile enemy to rail against, Neva’s over the top emoting and incoherent dialog would make even allies groan, so it is understandable that Neva welcomes conflict – and there are groups that are more than willing to play this role."

Prokofy Neva

Oops, Soen E.'s post got accidentally deleted in the spam file, I saw it go by. It was some hectoring nonsense about how I only created more enemies but it could certainly have been posted.


Why so interested in Tizzers? Do you want to marry Tizzers, secretly? Is that "it"?

Tariq Al-Fayeed

Imagined response from Prokofy Neva: "Yes, that is "it." I'm deeply in love with Tizzers Foxchance, the "it" girl of virtuality." Now, problem solved, Prokofy has admitted what's bothering her, to herself and to the world.

Deborah Lipsitz

I don't appreciate you being disrespectful to my Master Chief and me. You or someone claiming to represent you entered our base without permit. In any case this is your responsibility/problem and has nothing to do with us, and we would expect you to take an interest in solving the problem if you weren't responsible yourself (which we don't know as of yet). Judging by your hostile reaction to my IM I can see why you have enemies. If you think our titles are amusing, I guess you would find the whole military of the US amusing. Personally I would find the whole "rentals business" of yours and "chicken farming" that you or your alleged representative brags about to be amusing.


Jeez, Prokofy, that was NOT nice of you, harrassing a disabled woman who plays Second Life in the way she chooses https://www.gofundme.com/cf-wheelchair-accessible-van

You may not think her activity is your cup of tea, but you can show some respect and decency. Christ!

Prokofy Neva

Why would being disabled (a fact not evident from her communications) be relevant, and more to the point, allow her to be an asshole?

It doesn't.

She's full of shit with her pretentious rant. Griefers are most definitely NOT my responsibility. They are the responsibility of Linden Lab to remove. It doesn't matter if you don't like my blog or my behavior or if you think I "have enemies". Griefing is not allowed and is not "deserved".

It's also completely irrelevant what Deborah's socialist views are about renting and I don't have any "chicken farms" in fact. Having a few sion chickens is not "having a chicken farm". And if I chose to have a chicken farm, so what?

Griefers and their enablers in this thread are all about having the Internet their way and imagining others prevent them instead of being for genuine freedom which means the rule of law against griefers who take away freedom.

As for Pixeleen's self-serving bullshit, Linden Lab should ensure that people who have peaceful events under the TOS announced on the calendar are not event-griefed and harassed. They should especially ensure this if THEIR LAND is involved.

That griefers hasten to "safe houses" on Linden land to grief you from is something the Lindens should have made short work of years ago, instead of imaging that they need to keep "free spaces" open for "self expression".

I remember seeing the police blotter in the years and years of those idiots harassing me - it never showed their griefing, spamming, even sim crashing, their heckling and gathering around to pressure the event. It only showed once me pasting the chat of that crank Benjamin Noble into room chat, and him AR'ing me for "disclosure". What a weenie little police informant. His chat should be exposed -- what's he doing coming to a lot he's banned from and heckling?

Later I found out that among the griefers was a Linden (CG Linden) on an alt. What do you know! Of course, the Lindens being in on it accounts for the long ride the Woodburies have enjoyed.

I believe in continuing to try to keep the spaces open, and not cow to bullying by moving to a private island, which they could still invade with a series of alts anyway. I thought it was more important to keep having the meetings. After awhile, after years of harassment, they stopped when I got busy in RL and couldn't come on Friday nights. I haven't been interested in starting them again, but if I ever do, I'll insist on having the Linden land around my land be a place free of griefers, too.

Pavl Duke

Your rascist bots are still spamming me, DESIST immediately.

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