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Henry Hutchence is such a creep, and a total boor. The worst thing is that he fakes this alleged "moroncycle accident".

Malte Maas

If you thought Elaine Thompson aka loopy Luna was crazy in SL, you should see her in RL.

LCdr Deborah Lipsitz

There are no "Woodbury griefers", that's just nonsense. I'm told Woodbury is a university that used to have a campus in SL and that noone has seen them in SL for years and years. It seems more to me like a bad excuse Prokofy makes up to excuse her bad behavior.

I reckon Prokofy is either behind the bots herself, or that she's involved in a "war" with a competitor or dissatisfied customer (of which there are *many*). In any event, it doesn't really matter, because even if that were the case they *both* behave badly, to an equal degree. In that context, the fact that both Prokofy and her possible dissatisfied customer are currently banned from Second Life isn't very surprising.

Luna Bliss

You're a wee bit too involved in other people's sexual proclivities. This probably means something.

Prokofy Neva

Er, no, people with abusive sexual proclivities are way too involved in taking over the public space and specifically the public roads.

But thanks for confirming that you are UNABLE to condemn rape RP and UNABLE to condemn the use of RLV as a "fix" for sim seams (!)

I guess I was right about you -- tech cultism leads one to these awful positions condoning violence and coercion.

Luna Bliss

Oh I don't condone violence and coercion at all. Not sure why you think that.
However I still think you protest just a bit too much about BDSM, as olde Will said. Does make me wonder about you...

Prokofy Neva

Oh, finally got that admission out of you! Look what it took! But...it's not a condemnation of BDSM, now is it? That's the problem. You can't bring yourself to do that. Either out of fear that you will lose customers or out of sanctioning them because you think it involves "consent".

As any number of people have written, the consent is very shakey in BDSM as you can see even from looking at their own community. And it is not recognized by RL law. The end.

Um, no, I don't "protest too much". I protest when BDSM authoritarians ENCROACH ON THE PUBLIC SPACE. Which is what animats, with his name so beloved by you for all the wrong reasons, is doing with this attack on me, accusing me FALSELY of encroachment, inciting ARs of me which led the Lindens to return my prims AND give me a 3-day ban for no reason, because they thought I was "non-compliant" which lost me business. This person has an enemy for life, and I'll be always and everywhere pushing back on his harassment and authoritarianism. He has a plan to use the BDSM third-party viewer RLV and force its "solutions" and "channels" on the population at large ostensibly to overcome the sim seam problems.

I don't see you anywhere condemning that because you are too caught up in all your tech cult woo woo.

This is how authoritarian populism works, trying to find some "popular" issue (in this case manufactured totally as everyone crosses the sims without him just fine) in order to insinuate his cult. Even Klytyna who herself is a rage queen of the first order calls him out on this. It seems to be taking you an AWFULLY LONG TIME to get this

A Normal Person

You are far too fixated on BDSM, political affiliation and those possessed of a more technical mind than your own. You see conspiracies where none exist.

You have a problem, seek help.


Oh, thank you for that admission of your intention to engage in stalking and harassment of me inworld, on the forums and elsewhere ("enemy for life, and I'll be always and everywhere..."). It makes it easier for me to assiduously abuse report you for harassment and stalking whenever you target me in such a way. Keep in mind that you have **just served a 3-day ban** following my abuse reports of you. It makes you a convicted felon in the context of Second Life. It seems likely that you will be banned again, for longer periods or even permanently.

Prokofy Neva

Um, if anybody is "stalking and harassing," it's YOU who stalk, big guy, and I'm happy to AR you any time you come around my properties. Yes, you are an enemy for life. Declaring someone an "enemy for life" isn't violation of the TOS you fucking creep. What an asshole, implying their are "crimes" where there are not. Only pathetic loser BDSMers can come up with that kind of "rules" bullshit, we're not playing here.

I'm not a "convicted felon," don't be FUCKING ridiculous. You're the criminal, falsely ARing people who in fact are not causing any harm with prims that were there for three years before

BTW, that must be your alt, "cliveacid Resident" now ARing me for selling a Linden flamingo in the library, FUCK YOU. the Lindens have no law against selling their free items. It's done all the time. They no longer put their items on transfer. But what they have put on transfer, too late for you to be weeping about you fake asshole.

Honestly, you are a fucking nuisance, a grade-A creep, and I'll be ARing you as often as required and pushing back on the forums. If the Lindens give me bans over creeps like you who don't pay them tier except on some tiny lot, and need to harass me for in fact a legitimate public interest position -- no spam cars! -- then that's their call, they will never be fit for business or non-profit or educational use. If they think they have a product that only sells to BDSMers, rape rollplayers and child pornographers, perhaps you'll help them prove the point.

Prokofy Neva

BTW, here's the IP address of this asshole who is using some kind of Tor and proxy:


Note that it has a BAD reputation like him.

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