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I'll add one simple comment/question. Are chop shops & stolen cars a greater or lesser crime than intellectual property theft, and furthermore, why are they handled by local police and not the Dept. of Homeland Security?

Housekeeping PS: Typepad seemed to not let me login with FB for some reason.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

I have no idea why it won't log you in. I have all that turned on and it works for others. I can try filing a ticket.

I view $90,000 as $90,000. Whether it was a chopped up car or a chopped up sports feed, it's still theft. I don't pretend its more sanitized and more cool and less wrong just because its pixels, no.

As for "why isn't it handled by the local police," I'm not suspicious of Homeland Security as you are, on something like this. It's part of the Customs unit and that makes sense to me. They may have people all over the world logging on to get this stolen good.

You wrongfully, tendentiously, deliberately skewed the story, Spin. You spun it! You said it was "a guy just linking to a TV site" and "only embedding a video". Gosh, you forgot to tell that he registered a friggin' site, siphoned off all these commercial sports casting feeds and sold $90,000 worth of ads on it.

So that's why you aren't an honest interlocutor, you and all you copyleftist freaks. You won't honestly tell the story of the crime because you don't even think it's a crime -- you do everything to dumb it down and distract from it.

cube inada

hmm.. remember Saijo City wasnt really "built" as much as it was "appropriatted" and thats why eventually it fell.;) ( the conference center was a different model.yes)

Saijo was from its literal foundation up -- all someone elses works, looking to be valued by a third party--- and sold as yours, as the "packager" of dreams.

It worked for Phillip and Arianna. But that dosent make it a right /moral/ or to be praised way to operate.

But it still seems to be copied often in todays memed world of virtuality....but then again, copying is primarily what the medium teaches.

replicants. all.:)


It must be great to live in a free country like yours

Prison population per 100,000 inhabitants[10]
Country Prison population
per 100,000 inhabitants
United States
of America 756[16]
Federation 611
Zealand 186
Australia 124.5
Kingdom 148
Netherlands 128
Canada 107
Italy 104
South Korea 104
Ireland 101 [17]
Germany 95
Turkey 91
France 85
Sweden 82
Denmark 77
Japan 62
Iceland 40
India 22

Catherine Fitzpatrick

This isn't a blog about prison issues, dear, but let me suggest that if there are 756 people in the U.S. per 100,000, it's because there is more crime and more criminals. More firearms than are allowed in other countries. Far more freedoms than are allowed in other countries like Russia. And far more drugs than are found in some of the other countries.

There is a vast industry of NGOs, lawyers, programs, media etc that fight unjust arrests, that overturn unfair sentences, that find alternatives to sentencing, that even find the innocence of people put away wrongfully by getting DNA tests. So it's all good, and I'm happy to live in this country, which is indeed free and great, and to which many of the people from all those other countries you have listed have emigrated : )

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