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If my laptop screen is tinted blue, like everything that should be white normally is can i fix this, it is operated by Windows 7.

rafaela felix

i hv windows xp & im hving the same problem w the blue tint....reds look purple whites look

Catherine Fitzpatrick

You people coming here asking questions in the comments: you need to go to the above blog post and *read it*. That's all. This isn't a help desk.

It's a blog with one solution I have found to get rid of blue-tinted screen. Go and follow the steps outlined. Again, READ THEM and DO THEM sequentially.

If it doesn't work to fix your blue-tinted screen, then go seek other geek forums or professional geek help.


Wow, Catherine Fitzpatrick, way to be an asshole. This solution doesn't work for XP or Windows 7, and if you don't know of a solution for those, you can say so without treating people like they're stupid.

Catherine A. Fitzpatrick

Wow, John, right back at you. You're the asshole. It works for Vista, and that's what I wrote about. I said at the beginning, "This is for ATI graphics cards on Windows Vista". If you have XP or Windows 7, why would you then bang on me?

I'm not required to serve as a help desk. I'm just one person with one solution for one thing that I've put out there for other people to try, it may help them, too, or it may not.

It's not as if they can't use Google and find other geek help forums for other systems. There are gadzillion forums out there for blue screen tint. I've tried many of them and they didn't work. I stumbled on my solution by trial and error.

What I find annoying -- and I'm sure geeks find even more annoying -- is people who ask questions, but can't hear answers or try things to help themselves by walking through the steps. They need so much hand-holding and baby-stepping that you get exhausted trying to help them. They just are too lazy and/or stupid to make the effort themselves.

So my curt but effective answers is what I can offer to people who ask questions but won't read and try solutions.


Then again why post "Help" blog when the majority of people cannot read the black..?
I've had the same experience Catherine, more than once and I just gave up...

Catherine Fitzpatrick

I don't know what you mean by "read the black".

I posted a Help blog on this topic because I found a solution, and it's easy, and I'm passing it on to those who might benefit from it. If you don't benefit from it, move on.

fix my PC

Hey, I am facing the same problem, but that is in Window 7. Can you please tell me the procedure to solve this problem??

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Like I said: the advice here is just for those that have this particular set of circumstances -- Windows Vista and this particular graphics card -- it's likely related to the graphics card more than anything.

This isn't a help desk nor some place that continues to investigate why things go wrong on everybody else's computer. So move on and search yourself for your particular set of circumstances.


I have a windows vista, and has the graphic card you described, so i really hope you'll be able to answer this.
I got about as far as the adv. settings, but there was no option for the AMD Vision Engine Control Centre.What now?

sylvia *******a

my computer is actually a laptop with a broken screen hooked up to a monitor and this didnt quite work for me.


Fuck off Catherine, you stupid bitch.

I read the black, but still have a few questions. I'm running a MAC with a 27" monitor and I've gone through all the steps you describe, but still have problems. Do you have a private email so I can send you more info on the problem? Also, I'm having some problems with the my laptop speakers and wanted to bounce some ideas off of you on that as well. Thanks in advance!
- Hung_Like_Einstein_Smart_As_A_Horse



What the fuck does that have to do with removing a blue screen?


Because it's a solution for getting rid of blue TINT on a screen, assmuch, it's not for BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH which is a completely separate and more severe problem.


Pavell Durov, Russian social networking donates $1 million to Wikipedia.


Great advice, fixed my problem. I appreciate you going to the effort of posting the solution. Others should be equally as grateful to people like you.


Thank you so much I have had this issue for months and this has resolved it perfectly! Many thanks for taking the time to document the problem and solution to my windows 7 video display problem.

home computer repair

yes it does sound like a video card problem.It sounds like,to me ATI messed up its driver certification for Windows Vista AND 7 if it's happening on 7 too.


I just went on the video card settings and I set the contrast from 100 (default) to 99 and the blue dissapear. Hope it's gonna work for you too.


Thank you so much for this post. I am by noooo means a computer tech person and was freaking out that my power went out yesterday while the computer was on, only to find a blue-ish screen today. And after messing with that stupid color setting interface nothing changed. You did show up as the first google post so thanks!!!!
My screen is fixed!


Fixed my blue monitor tint problem by adjusting cable connection with skotch tape so it wouldn't hang by itself over table top.

campbell window film

That's great idea of yours. I already try it in my end. Thanks for this!


I have Windows Vista but i cant find AMD VISION ENGINE CONTROL CENTER aven after following your steps

Catherine Fitzpatrick

That's because you can't read and can't realize that you don't have the same graphics card.

Do try to read the first sentence. Thanks!

ATI Catalyst graphic cards on Windows Vista


This worked for me on Win7, don't know what people are complaining about

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