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Bobby Fischer

Я подозреваю, что Евгений Морозов -- неоффициальный "посол" товарища Лукашенко (а может быть и товарища Путина) у нас, на "загнивающем Западе".

Достаточно взглянуть на его "визитную карточку" здесь: и всё становится ясно.


I really like this article. It spells out in detail the hypocrisy of the politically correct. The very definition of politically correct liberalism, "Noble Principles, Selectively Applied", is demonstrated in the examples described in the article.

I have one part I object to. That is the part about the EFF (Electronic Freedom Foundation) and ongoing surveillance. The author states "a test of "probable cause" would likely have to be met". Alas, the same politicization of the media, academia and the entertainment industry is spilling over into the legislature and the judiciary. Privacy is already far too compromised, and a surveillance society will gain from awareness but lose in the loss of cooperation from frustrated and angry citizens who long for privacy. The law enforcement agencies are also being politicized. The recent bills on copyright protection enlist and require the FBI and local law enforcement to work with and share information with the copyright holders such as the RIAA and MPAA. I just hope no terrorists or enemies work there.

Finally, the EFF is one of the few organizations that stand up to the copyright rentiers that have lobbied for and seized money and power from citizens and other parts of society. Those web sites that track lobbyist expenditures on various issues show that the media lobbyists spend ten to fifty times as much as those representing citizen rights such as the EFF.

Also, to be a bit more supportive, the comments about Fox news, by the lefties, are really examples of disinformation and deceit propagated by the mainstream media and academia. An inspection of the data shows that, while Fox, on their most watched shows, has 2 million viewers, it is still a cable station that people have to pay for. The networks individually have 7 to 10 million viewers and between them have closer to 25 million viewers or more. Thus they have over ten times the viewership.

Yet Fox is the only non politically correct station on TV, so it has to be stopped so that the mainstream politically correct media can dominate public information channels. Pretty slimy and not in the public interest. But it has been a long time since people who call themselves liberals have thought about anyone but themselves.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

1. Yes, there's lots of surveillance. Starting with Facebook and Twitter, where people are drawn into sharing a lot of themselves and putting a lot online to socialize with their friends, which then becomes available to the public domain, future employers, law-enforcers, etc. But you can't tell people to stop looking up others on Google or Facebook to form a judgement about them. It's about freedom of speech as much as privacy. It's up to the individual to control his presence on line-- or not, with opt-in features and not opt-out features from platform providers as the best practice.

2. I totally disagree with your assessment of EFF. They are all about destroying the connection between copyright/IP and commerce. And it's about an anti-commerce, collectivist ideology that you can see in its purest and unsanitized form in the Youtubes of their board member and founder John Perry Barlow. They are old hippies with a communalist take on property which they can afford to have because they are the children of wealth parents or became affluent themselvse. It's an assault on livelihoods of other people, however.

3. I'd challenge you to find an example of this "rentier" behave you claim. I'm not seeing it. I don't feel as if Walt Disney has seized money and power from me because I can't just copy a Mickey Mouse cartoon on my blog, you know? It's a frivolous claim.

4. It hardly matters if media lobbyists or record companies spend more on lobbying. They get to do this. It's America. Lobbying is legal, if registered. Track it all you wish but you cannot stop it and shouldn't stop it -- it's part of freedom of expression. EFF has loads of resources, however, so it's projection of a kind of fifth-floor walk-up persona is fake.

5. I don't watch Fox, I don't have a TV, and I am rarely moved to go catch up on one of their talk shows. I've watched a few Glenn Beck shows to see what all the fuss is about. Glenn Beck is a smoothie with an insular seamless world and circular logic, but then, so is Jonathan Stewart. They are mirrors of each other.

Even if Fox had 10 million or 50 million viewers, I wouldn't be demanding that it be "scrutinized" unless there was some actual data about real crimes like hacking someone's phone or some ethical issue like paying sources or something. They get to have their TV just like Jonathan Stewart gets his TV and Amy Goodman gets to have her TV.

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