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I think it is hilarious & you are seriously hypocritical. If it is SGK's CHOICE to give grants to whom they want, then why couldn't they say so without having to succumb to political pressure from Republicans demanding they end their relationship with Planned Parenthood? The reason is because it was not about choice. It was about politics. A Republican presented with false accusations about where the funds really go (check your facts cause all abortions are paid out of pocket by the patient, not with government funds and not with SGK funds), who starts an investigation & a new VP who is incredibly anti-choice & already vowed to defund PP. The new VP changes the policies to single out PP, even though the policies clearly indicate they have to pull funding from Penn State & not receive anymore funds from Bank of America if they're staying true to their policies (both under Federal Investigation as well). They claim over & over it was not political, yet the only organization to lose funding was PP? So then their true reason was not because of Federal Investigations, it was really because of a political agenda. AND YES, when you put your own personal political agenda above the health of women people will get upset. I honestly am pleased with how this all has turned out though. Handel wanted to defund PP, instead she just got them $1 million in donations in just over 24 hours. Guess that plan backfired, huh?

Prokofy Neva

Who says SGK "succumbed" to pressure? That's part of the myth of the left, because they imagine that no one can ever be for a point of view unless they are paid for or pressured (gosh, do the progressives project when they say that or just think everybody else is illegitimate but them?!)

SGK can say and do what they wish, just like PP. Why can't they? If SGK wants to cater to Republicans, they get to do that. If they do that because they want to think of their mainstream mass membership, and not lefties and progressives and their whining, they get to do that. It's their call. It's all good. Their new VP gets to pursue the policies she likes without bullying from the likes of you, she was chosen to be their VP, let her chart her course as she wishes.

The "Saul Alinsky" methods are in full review here. The old "let's try to find something that looks like the opposite of what they believe and show how it can be pinned on them" trick. The old "let's find where they are inconsistent and seemingly hypocritical and hammer away at them".

Bank of America? For what? Just because Occupy Wall Street thinks they are evil capitalists? As for Penn State, this is about a single case in which there is a chain of responsibility, but it's a case not related to their mission. Nor is the Bank of America case related to their mission. But giving abortion services under cover of generic women's health IS related to their mission, so they GET TO SHED THAT if they wish. That's all there is to it. Groups can and do pick their way by the light of their mission. You can bang on them and scream all you want, but at the end of the day, you can only go make your own group or take your donation dollars elsewhere and stop harassing somebody who is freely associating just like you.

They've got quite a few people who are only to happy that they shed PP. And I, too, went and "liked" them on Facebook precisely because they had the guts to shed PP. I personally find PP to be a fraud, pretending that it provides generic health services and "helps the poor" when that is really not their real mission. They believe their own propaganda. I'd have more respect for them if they'd shed that propagandistic bullshit. They are not here to serve all women with all health care needs and should cease that pretense. It's also not the case that poor women are somehow left in some sort of life-threatening lurch without them -- that's just sheer unadulterated propaganda. It's why the left cannot be trusted and why these kinds of causes will NEVER get my support because they are about sheer Bolshevism, not real principles.

If PP can get $1 million in donations from people who support their abortion mission and believe their hype about "poor people," then why the hell are they -- and you -- whining like they are some victims of Orwellian persecution?! They aren't. Instead, they are doing the victimizing. Run your own fundraising campaigns, fund what you wish to fund, and leave other groups alone without bullying and harassing them with fake claims of hypocrisy.

The world will not conform to your wishes. Give it up.


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