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David Kirkpatrick

Interesting that in the blog post you link to here about Zuckerberg's comments in 2008 at SXSW you ridicule him and others for suggesting that Facebook could get a blogger in Egypt out of jail. What do you make of the later developments there?

Catherine Fitzpztrick

Oh, I sure do ridicule him, David. Because lots and lots of people were injured and *died* and were tortured in jail and remain in jail *and social media isn't saving them*. Facebook likes and Twitters don't get them out.

You're like Anne-Marie Slaughter. She used her connections to draw attention to one Egyptian-American blogger who was jailed and had her arm broken and got her out -- because she had US citizenship and connections.

Now the rest? How about them? Neither you nor she had anything to say about the 19 NGO workers on trial for US-funded democracy programs. You didn't tweet them out. The State Department did, with public statements. And the rest? The Egyptian revolution has taken a very troublesome turn. Is your Facebooking and Tweeting going to fix this?

You have a very ambitious role for social media that it cannot possibly fulfill. It plays a role in stirring up revolutions and then it can't fix the unstable situation it incites. It cannot save people. You need to accept accountability for your claims.

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