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Catherine Fitzpatrick

Not surprisingly, Tech President is lauding the "liquid democracy" stuff. See this:

and my reply:

No, this is bad news all around, in every way.

Direct democracy is not democracy.

And it all starts with the inability to vote "no" and all this structured massaging of "liking" or picking one preference out of pairs, etc. -- all manipulated by the platform and the coders.

All of it is hidden behind a scrim of saying that "large numbers of people were consulted" but was there an up-and-down yes/no vote with a hidden ballot? Usually there isn't in these "direct democracy" settings and that's exactly why they are not true liberal democracy but merely the tyranny of who shows up.

Why 10 percent? Who says that's the right number? Why not less? or why not more? And who gets to decide? See, it's that sort of silly coded exigency that turns these fake democracy tools into weapons for collectivization and unfreedom.

What's particularly sinister about this "direct democracy" is the casual ease with which people entrust their votes to others to vote for them -- but find actual representative democracy as it is practiced in the US or UK or German, etc. legislatures somehow offensive. That's absurd. More disturbingly, that really erodes the individual's right and his identity and further collectivizes him by the motivated few who want to take over the group. Furthermore, that "delegated voter" can then turn his entire entrusted package over to yet another delegate -- removed from what his original grassroots constituency expected. What an opportunity for mischief!

Er, "pranksters and outside political saboteurs"? You mean dissidents or minorities or people who are simply critical of the Pirate Party and its copyleftism extremism? See, when you start imposing that kind of sinister Wikipedianism on people, with anonymous, unaccountable types insisting on rules that aren't really about due process and fairness, and which demonize critics, who can call this liberal democracy? It isn't. It's merely collectivism with an advisory capacity.

This is not innovation. It's the old-fashioned oppression of democratic centralism. It used to be known as communism. Putting it into a cyber package doesn't prettify it.

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