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geez. now being skeptical of the tech boyz is becoming "trendable".... the media machines eat all.

and yes, history is not a digital meme. its neither in beta or obsolete.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Well, it's hardly trendable more blogger is out there doing this. Whimsley has been around for awhile, and as his funny tagline indicates, he is "ignored by some of the biggest names in tech utopia".

Now, as to Alex Howard, he has been outrageous in his comments on this blog of Whimsley's in a back and forth with me. Check back at the blog to see what he's up to.

He has a blog in which he addresses a possible conflict of interest, after telling us the story of how he came to make these recommendations:

He notes that he didn't get paid for his work with the Canadian government. (I didn't see this blog first; I saw first the Twitfight with Morozov, then the blog by Whimsley -- and indeed Morozov was right to ask if there was a conflict of interest here).

But first there was the panel, then a dinner with the Canadian MP in Brazil, then his blog with his recommendations, which were pretty anodyne all the way around and as always with "open gov," mainly about getting the tech road show in the door and in the budgets before any questions are asked about it. The rec about getting public input is put no. 3, after the program is first installed.


i "think" alex howard is the gov 2.o evangelist i got into a brief "troll moment;)" with on gplus a few weeks ago... he was typically sure of himself and yakking up a storm at some schools and conferences... etc etc... and i was of course in the end a "troll" for not finding his "straw man" yacking convincing or interesting... anyhow...

the trend will be more laniers soon enough.. and most will be eaten by the media machine since that is the only currency left... the 1.24 amamzon ebook..;0

its like thinking what the republicans did for 3 months on tv cable news was "debate"

programs... always about programming.... thats the media machine.;)

i did check out whimsleys blog... maybe hes bot.. maybe not.;0

Andy Pein

gs sdg re gd

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