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Kevin Alderman

Meanwhile,Susan G's upper echelon are all quitting and contributions are off considerably. The coordinated chaos of Anti-SOPA sentiment took the focus off NDAA which sailed through without incident. And now we have Chik-fil-A. Who is the arbitror of all this manufactured outrage?

Equidem ego is sum, qui servitutem extremum omnium malorum esse arbitror: I am he (saith Boterus) that account servitude the extremity of misery. (Anantomy of Melancholy)


kickstarters will get us only geek entertainment that they want.... not anything that we /others may need.

but then again, isnt that what machine counting /poll electoral politics given us as well in the last 50 years...

one good scandel about some dudes who took the "ultimate game mmo" money and spent it on boy hookers in barbados... and kickstarter is gone... but replaced by a dozen other unregulated scams to come..


"The left seems to think that if another group in society has opinions and law activities they don't like, they get to harass them on Twitter until their CEO resigns or their VP of marketing dies of a heart attack."

Well, that's because it's true.

You seem to have Sarah Palin's view of the First Amendment (as well as most other things), in that you think it somehow entitles corporations to say or support whatever they want without facing public criticism (or, HEAVEN FORFEND, mean tweets about them).

Catherine Fitzpatrick

No, it's one thing to express opinion and debate, it's another to persecute and cause harm and bully people into spending money differently, or forcing economic boycotts when no wrong has been committed. Groups in society get to advocate what they like, and should not be bullied on either the left or the right into silence or inability to fund what they wish.

And no, dear, as for "Palin," that's what *you* are all about, not letting anyone disagree without harassing them and vilifying them falsely as belonging to some extreme political movement.

HEAVEN FORFEND that anyone disagree with the "progressive" police or they will lie about them and force them to do their bidding through massive harassment campaigns. It's awful.

Sure, public corporations get to face criticism. AND they get to do what they wish with the money of their members, freely given. When they can't fund the causes they wish to or espouse they ideals they wish to have for their business, and their business is boycotted, then we're dealing with *coercion* from the left. And that's the insipient totalitarianism always present in the Marxist-infused movements.

You cannot achieve your "social change" with persuasion and law and democracy, you always have to use radical Bolshevik methods.

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