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Catherine Fitzpatrick

Comment held for moderation on ProPublica:

I agree with John above that this is a very big story and it is the beginnings of what I have been calling for years the Wired State, or indeed, something like a kind of technocommunism or incipient totalitarianism -- which is no less thorough just because it is pleasant and clickable.

ProPublica has done an excellent job of framing the questions here of what this NDA'd bunch are letting us know and not know.

But they have to probe further in other directions. For one, there's the geek open-source software cult around this, which is basically "openness for thee and not for me" -- and the authoritarianism that brooks no dissent.

Then there's the entire question of "stories" and "storification" -- what are the narratives developed? How are they pitched and to whom? Like "the war on women" is pitched to 20-something single women; "voter suppression" is pitched to minorities. There is never any possibility for serious journalistic study then of these issues because the mob has already been sicced on the stories emotionally, and no amount of persuasion will get them to see that in fact, all the prominent women who won, whether McCaskill or Warren, won handily, did not face serious challenges, and never a vaginal probe was in the works anywhere, really.

You imply that this system works with more precision than it might. I know of an Obama campaigner here in New York who was sent a list of people to call in Ohio, and had a number of them swear at her or hang up or rant because they weren't Democrats or didn't want to be bothered by agitators calling them from out of state.

To the bitter end, Joe Biden was DMing me on Twitter telling me to "use my influence" to get my Twitter followers to vote for Obama. I didn't.

Regarding Stephen Paul Desol's "fracking and cracking". Here's what's wrong with all this socialist social science stuff right out of the Soviet identity politics playbook: it creates blocs of people, demographics, where views are tied to race or ethnicity or age or sex and then it becomes impossible to "break up the blocs" and reach consensus as people then feel they are traitors to their group. We cannot live in such a world. It will not end well.

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