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loren asked me what is MIPS...
this is MIPS... in its terminal dosage.



first- it wasnt the jail time he feared. It was the respective record that would prevent his from joining congress to make a difference.

second- jstor is soo accessible for students.
And what about non students? You have $10gs for a full monthly membership.. Each month?...



Ohh ps
Comments: You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post.

The above comment.... As taken from site.. Do you know what technology that is?
That allows you to subscribe for updates....
Its RSS. You know who created RSS??? Aaron Swartz.


Finally.. Suicide doesnt impress me?..
Youre weak. I bet both your parents are alive and well.
...and they pay your rent.. Or you live at home. ..
And you have an English degree from a state school...
And got a 3.2... But volunteered for the state school paper.
.. And i bet you never "dated" a cheer leader..
But thats ok. Cus youre CLEARLY bitter. And ignorant.

Fight a smaller fight buddy - youre far too weak for this battle.

Aaron was brilliant. And hacking JSTOR which he didnt hack lol but thx for proving your iq.. Was barely an accomplishment on his roster.

But pls.. Send me a note in 10 years and tell me about it.

Aarons done more in a month than youve done in your life.
Ill bet my life on it! And not for your respect.. For my sanity.
Id rather kill myself than read your bullshit. And thats not a pity seek- just avoiding a migraine and iq reduction.


Ohh Prokofy! From the Economist...
Now I know who you are. And I had the pleasure of reading your bio :)
I thought you were under educated. But youre unemployed.
And as intellegent as Ann Coulter.

Thanks for disgracing my gender :)
Go to a real school. Ill pay tor it.
(Saving the world from mindless arogance, one &$@! At a time!


You went to U of T?
So did I :(
Im no longer a proud graduate.
I might as well have gone to Humber


lol... a step by step post by post. odd couples episode.

when felix goes to


anyhow. college

Catherine Fitzpatrick

There is nothing to say that Aaron might not have received a suspension; note that Carmen Ortiz said that "his lawyer was free to seek a suspension". We also don't see anything anywhere about him running for Congress -- that seems mythological for sure. Six months of jail over JSTOR hacking would be a plus on his resume in his set, the EFF would probably have made him head of a program, if not the ACLU or somebody else.

Lessig talked himself about possibly running for office I believe, and he's heavily involved in politics and served as an advisor to Obama on his transition team, but then didn't take an appointment in the White House like Beth Noveck, that other technocommunist, possibly because it would be for less pay or interrupt his academic work -- she left after two years for that reason as others have, as that's the limit you can get leave from academic institutions usually for public office. But Lessig was interested in something else -- tracking "corruption" and "money in politics" -- this is the new fascination and obsession of the hard left and the "progressives" and their way of bashing capitalism. Lessig and Swartz had gone through zillions of files of papers in law reviews, I was reading today, and somehow decided how they could "code" each one for being a "sell out" to this or that donor or funder or firm or something (yet another example of literal "machine politics"), and decided that "80 percent" of law papers were "sell-outs" -- it's an absurdity. A total moronic absurdity. (I will look for the link -- insane stuff).

Swartz didn't create RSS. We knew that years ago. Here's the article about it now, finally:

And of all places on Boing Boing, which is gospel for the tech set, so you can be certain it's true (and there are other sources and Dave Winer explains it as well, he was the inventor of RSS and the one who essentially "brought it to market".

No. Suicide most certainly does NOT impress me. It's violence. It's cowardice. And it's assault, even murder, sentencing other people who remain alive to hell.

I'm 56 years old; my parents died some years ago. They have never, ever in their lives paid my rent; even in college, I had a scholarship, and I also worked part-time, so they paid only some of my modest expenses. I lived at home until I was 18, then I left for good, returning briefing only after studying overseas, when I worked full-time and then found a better job in New York City. You failed to read my witch-hunt page, dear; I have a degree in Russian language and literature from the University of Toronto and certificate from the University of Leningrad in areas studies and have made my living my whole live through translation and consulting in this field. I pay taxes on land in Canada. Erm, I never "dated a cheerleader" because I'm female and not a lesbian, but I didn't date any football players either. We were in the "hippie" set in my day. I don't know what my GPA is because we didn't have that system in Canada. I was on my university paper.

You go fight a smaller fight, dollface. Aaron may have been brilliant, but he was a loser who killed himself. That's what all of you have to live with. Indeed, as I tweeted to the lovely Prof. Bialla today, the griefer prof, she is presiding over and inciting a death cult -- she cited three people who have committed suicide all of whom should be remembered.

Of course Aaron hacked JSTOR. You are an ignorant and tendentious bitch. He made a grand "propaganda of the deed" that you little script kiddies can't even seem to comprehend, so you keep trying to minimize it and pretend that it's "nothing" or "an inconvenience" as that idiot Stamos describes it in his self-serving "expert defense". Nonsense. The prosecutors were right. A judge would have ruled on this -- ah, but as with SOPA, you little children couldn't wait for justice to operate fairly -- you had to commit "direct action"...

Life isn't a contest to see who "does more" or who "contributes more" -- that's a Soviet collective farm concept that I reject. I've accomplished a lot in my field in my life, and no doubt Swartz is valued by his peers for what he accomplished. I don't admire what he did, however, as I opposed the campaign against SOPA, and I oppose Creative Commons, so rigging up some thingy for CC isn't all that to me.

As for the rash statement "I'd rather kill myself than read your bullshit," I can only urge you to move on hastily so that you don't take such a rash and violent and unnecessary action. Um, over a blog.

I'm not unemployed at all -- if anything I have more work than I know what to do with! I think my schools are plenty "real" turns out you went to the same university so your claims of ignorance apparently have come home to roost. I think I had a very good education; it's too bad I couldn't afford to continue graduate work.

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