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training apps/simulations are the issue. directly the weapons based shooting FPS products. The military already knows they are "productive" otherwise they wouldnt keep spending billions on them.

FULL METAL JACKET - the first hr. Vincent Dinafrios character represents what weve done for decades now to young men( who arent always ready or capable) but who can be used by a system.


Did we read the same Ars Technica piece? I don't see the "tekkies" going wild with fear.

I see a big difference between what POTUS is suggesting (more information to make informed choices) and the knee-jerk reactions from social conservatives who flat-out blame games for this sort of thing while putting discussion of guns out of the range of debate.

Cathiee McMillan

Yet Liberals won't put Media or Video Games on the table to be talked about.
So you can't have it both ways.
If you want to have a Rational Discussion you have to accept that the Media Glorifies Violence.
And that impressionable Mentally unstable people can be effected by the Media and Video Games.
The Kids in columbine wanted a certain gun and look that they wanted to look like because they saw it on a show. So yea no Media connection huh?
Sorry the talk should be
1.) Mental Health
2.) Media Glorification of Violence
3.) Weapons

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Of course they are, and they are all over the place -- I mentioned Kotaku too, and read all the other gaming sites. They are all having freakouts, you're just being contrarian.

I don't put guns out of the range of debate. I support gun control. I'm not a libertarian or a Republican. I support what Governor Cuomo has just signed into law. I hope it makes an impact. It may not. I'd be happier with more mental health residential treatment plans and easier court procedures to get them, much happier. That's being compassionate to the mentally ill and their victims in subways and schools, not "conservative". It's classic liberalism of the sort people like you no longer even comprehend.

As I pointed out, I'm for more information for informed choices, and the choice I'm not anticipating is censorship, so that's hardly a "socially conservative" choice. It's about morality -- something that is outside your ken as an ethics-free hacker and/or supporter of criminality online.

I agree with Cathie that all three topics have to be debate fully and frankly and noting should be off the table. I agree mental health is the top priority and top problem because we have let the pendulum swing too far to the left on this.

Cathiee McMillan

So Obama in one of his EO has asked the CDC to look into what causes "Gun Violence" and if there is a connection to "Violence" in the media. Like Video Games.
Now you are seeing all the Liberals crying about this. But its ok to take away the Assault weapons which are only used in less .003% of gun violence.
So again here we go don't take our Call of Duty away from us just because a couple crazy guys go and kill people. They are now sounding like the gun rights activists.


"but i played videogames for my whole childhood and I didn't kill anybody. Ergo, video games don't make anybody kill anyone. Besides, you learn lots of skills from videogames!"

-- my guess at the "reasoning" I would find in 40% of the comments on gamer blogs if I had the guts to wade into them.

Cathiee McMillan


Its the same thing that the Gun Advocates saying
That the so called Assault rifles are like less than 1% of the weapons used in the Gun Violence in the US. Also the Hammer has been used more in Killing people than a assault rifle.
Yes Video games and TV are partially to blame as well as movies. If these stars who made that stupid AD about gun control then look at the Movies they Make. Django Unchained!! Really I don't need Jamie Foxx telling me about Gun Control when he is on screen blasting away for our enjoyment.
All these Mass shootings take someone who is already mentally unstable. Could be anything that helps tip them over.

Cathiee McMillan

Now this is a some Interesting News.
Danbury Times reported that Adam Lantz went to the High school first But then Saw a Police car at the school so he drove to the Elementary school.

Yet all these anti-gun people are saying that an officer at the school would not deter a shooter.
Well seems in this case it may have.


1. assault guns make killing sprees fast and easy and at high potential casualty rates... so we need to remove them from "civilians"

2.people are all crazy or dumb with weapons..., so we need to make registration processes for handguns/rifles at least as tight as credit cards or driving trucks.

3. the rest is up to us... if we need to make simualtors of killing to entertain 12-35 year olds in order to make rents..well.. we get what we make...

movies/books/tv are not hand /eye media.. they can instill an idea, but they dont make its realife actions any more " effective" ... there ability to densitize is minimal..

hand/eye is a porn does for sex. its not the pictures. its he self repeating actions that the pictures can be used for....

anyhow... once police officers walked the streets and you even recognized them... taxes.... not a bad thing at society....what a

Cathiee McMillan

1.) Assault Guns are the used in less than 3% of all Crimes with Guns. Actually a regular Hammer is used more in Violent crimes than an Assault Rifle.
Automatic Rifles are Illegal any way. What is classified as an Assault weapon is just cosmetic features. People do use these weapons for sporting competitions. We have Olympic Sports for Guns. That use some of these so called Assault weapons.
Also some of the Hand Guns actually do more Damage than the Rifles.
2.) You do know that CT background check for owning a weapon already Includes mental Health right has since 2007.

Games like Call of Duty are much of the problem.
You play a soldier going around and Killing other soldiers with these same weapons that are full Automatic. The fact that Navy Seals even were consulted on the game shows that the makers were looking for realism.
How many People Idolize and love Scarface the movie? The Line many people love to repeat is Say Hello to my Little Friend which is in Reference to the Big Gun he uses.
Don't get me wrong I do not blame Entertainment for these things. I remember when I was young I got carded when I was legal age for the Movie Ruthless People! I mean really?
Parents do not Parent anymore. Kids can surf the Internet and play games because the Parents do not care. They don't monitor the actions of their kids.

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