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that's not what the comic books said in the 80-90s:)

well at least superman was steady through those times:) except his hair got long and he scowled alot.. "taking you down!" sigh.

"'d tell them to go fuck themselves. That is not how you get justice -- through violence, coercion, destruction."

Cathiee Mcmillan

What I find even More ammusing is that people call for all this stuff to be Free (Information) and other things. Yet if you look at example Second Life these same people that are praising this Hacker and Content Theif are the same people who yell about Copy Botters.
So what is it that these Liberal People want?
You can not Praise a Thief Like this Man and Condem another for what they may see as doing the same thing.


The running theme in all your examples is one of financials workers being served justice... because they screwed other financials workers. If you're expecting any punishment towards any decisionmakers whose policies actually caused this collapse--hedgefunds, derivatives, etc--or the insider trading done by congressman or judges, don't hold your breath. These are problems beyond our justice system.

The Gupta one summarized it well--"Previous sentences have largely involved traders, lawyers, lower-rung corporate employees and others."

Also, can you make a single post or comment without comparing someone to the Bolsheviks?

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Amalgovinus, you need to look again, as they involve people screwing the public as well.

Say, if you've actually got a case of a "bankster" that should be prosecuted -- and yeah, we've heard all about Corzine, so find another -- let's bring it.

But no fair just overthrowing Wall Street like a bunch of bolsheviks, you know?

Sure, previous sentences involved people less than the big fish you seek due to your rabid hatred of capitalism. Well, make your case *shrug*.

No, bolsheviks abound and I'm happy to apply the term where it applies.

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