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from the generation that knows ghandi and Lincoln are movies....

me .. im here to be famous too...

anyhow... MIPS

6 months.. and the kid would have had his own TV show...anyhow.


Wasn't Stamos going to be called as an expert witness whose expertise is computer stuff?

Why would he be expected to be an expert in lawyer stuff or privy to the defense's entire strategy?

He has an electrical engineering degree from Berkeley, but I can't find any mention of a law degree.

Cathiee Mcmillan

I really don't understand the utter love for this Guy. HE was a Criminal A Hacker. HE stole things he was not suppose too.
Guess what downloading Movies Music Books and Journals are illegal if you are not allowed too.
Acedemic Journals are not only online they are Printed in 4 color. The cost of this is high doing that sometime monthly for the load of Journals they produce. So shocking these place ask you to pay a subscription fee. I have to pay for the WallStreet journal. But shouldn't that be free? I mean it has information it.
So he broke the LAW. The Prosecution offered a Deal He said NO.
Sorry He killed him self because he was to much of a coward to face his crime.
Yes he was not a HERO he was a Petty Theif a COWARD if he really believed in a revolution that people are spewing about or social Disorder. He should have faught it. But in the end he turned into an Adam Lantz. A Man with a screwed up mentality of what the world IS and should be.

So tired of reading how he was these Technophillias saviour. Big deal he wrote RSS. My uncle wrote the FTP protical when he was working for the Goverment.

Cathy Fitzpatrick

@unitron -- yes, he was going to be called as an expert witness on the forensics of the hack, but his job as an ideologue was to minimize the hacking damage to try to make it look as if were no big deal.

@Cathiee Of course the idea that everything online should be "liberated" for the entertainment of masses is very widespread. This is not a generation that understands what things cost.

I think he's more of a depressive than a coward, but I still think overall that suicide is a cowardly act. Depression is a real condition but in our day and age, especially with rich parents, treatment, including residential treatment is within reach. Although no one ever discusses it, I wonder if Swartz not only was thrown into despair at the thought of even only six months in jail, which of course isn't trivial if you are a white male of privilege expecting another outcome. But I wonder if the fact that two days before he killed himself, JSTOR's release of 4 million documents also made him feel as if his grand anarchic "propaganda of the deed" was rendered meaningless.

As for him writing RSS -- well, Dave Winer claims he invented RSS although with the surge of sainthood for Swartz he's backed off a little:

And we already knew that the legend of him "founding Redditt" is a lot less than meets the eye, as the past clippings tell you identifying the real founder of Redditt:

Swartz founded another company which was then merged with Redditt, and they reluctantly made him a "co-founder," but then because he didn't show up for work they ended up buying him out. Somewhere buried in the Google results is an article that lays out this story -- every so often in the past years Swartz would be celebrated as "co-founder of Redditt" and the real story would then be re-told.

Cathiee Mcmillan

So basically he really didn't create much of anything acept for being a Hacker.
Thank you

You are correct a lot of this younger generation feel the should be given things and everything should be free.


wow. Joe Citizen really tries his best. I couldnt' bear to read through much of the comment thread on that article before--thank you for picking out an important one. I too have been absolutely befuddled by the "Aaron was exercising civil disobedience" claim attached to "prosecutor should have dropped charges." The whole point of civil disobedience is that you know you may well have to pay the price (a price you disagree with) for your actions. The little bit of plea bargaining that's leaked suggests he was absolutely unwilling to take any time at all, let alone risk going up for anything near the sentencing for which the crime he knowingly committed was clearly indicated before he did it. Again and again, I get that from these folks: "one law for me, another one for you." Have you seen this amazing piece of outrage they've put up as a petition--they should be able to shut down other people's operations (of any indiscriminate sort, & we know they've already targeted law enforcement and other vital services) *and* have it be protected by law! Can you imagine the screaming if the govt started using hacker tools to shut the hackers down?


sorry, forgot the URL:

almost 5000 signatures to this outrageous thing...

Catherine Fitzpatrick

This is a much more sophisticated and grow-up discussion where Orin Kerr at Volokh Conspiracy concludes that the application of the law was legitimate and not overzealous:

He still has a "part 2" coming and he may end up saying there is "overreach" but it doesn't look like. Here's one particularly good one:

mesocyclone Aaron Coats • 4 hours ago

If he actually had legitimate access, why did he:

"Use MIT's site where he had no access?

Use spoofed MAC addresses?

Hide his computer in a closet?

The most likely answer is that his legitimate access did not include wholesale downloading of the database. Also, I'm sure it didn't allow free distribution to the world, which was his intent."

There are quite a few comments trying to peddle the "MIT is open and he didn't do anything wrong line" but others who point out that he wasn't part of the MIT community and that community does require an "act responsibly" ethics.

People don't understand what civil disobedience is anymore. They certainly don't learn it from their vaunted mentors like Lessig who never go and march on picket lines anyway.

I had seen that DDOS thing flash by and haven't had a chance to look, thanks for the link. It's appalling. I do not believe a DDOS is legal whatsoever, any more than a sit-in blocking a university entrance would be legal, and people understood it to be so and accepted the arrests.

It's not like a lunch-counter sit-in either -- the people at the lunch-counters didn't block all traffic in the store for the day; they merely sat down and demanded equal treatment. They even bought things in the store to show their good will.

So, so different than these spoiled brats.

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