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3dblogger - just an idiot posting inflamatory crap to get traffic and ad impressions...


Meet the idiot aka 3dblogger


PR from 2011

Catherine Fitzpatrick

I'm failing to understand why a picture of me is "news". There isn't some sort of hidden identity or pseudonym here to "dox" or "out" or try to "shame into silence". My name Prokofy and my RL name Catherine A. Fitzpatrick are there under "about me" and "profile". If I don't supply a picture of myself on my blog, gosh, it's because like Dolores Claiborne, "I ain't doing no beauty contests today."

I've already dealt with the literalisms about this 18-month-old press release, which fails to take into account the latest developments before Swartz's suicide, which was a 6 month plea bargain.

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