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the invocation of you was in reference to this (somewhat visible in your screen grab). I thought it was downright neighborly of "Weev" to decide to show Zerlina Maxwell that what she needed last night was to have a thicker skin/better sense of humor. And shows a terrific sense of concern for others. They were definitely trying to bait you to get you to join in, because Roseanne had opted out and they/he had no good target left for his democracy-emboldening "humor."

I am not 100% certain, but it appears our gender activist A. Wolf storified this because she thought Weev was on the right track too, although I would be very happy to find out it's the opposite.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

I have to say I don't get any of this. I wrote this post after Weev showed up in my feed answering me, because I had forgotten about him before that. I don't know who Zerlina is.


she is a Fox news commentator (although of a liberal sort) and rape survivor who appeared on Hannity's show arguing for gun control while being against sexual violence.

in return for which, she started to receive numerous extremely strong and direct threats of violence, rape, and death, most of which were also extremely racist. this all came out yesterday (I'd never heard of her before, either), & it's what Weev was "joking" about and where he thought his input was sorely needed. I thought his behavior was outrageous, of course, & they were obviously trying to bait you to get involved when Zerlina and Roseanne stopped engaging with them.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Okay, I didn't know, thanks a lot for that information. I don't have a TV. I don't watch Fox. I didn't follow all of this about Hannity, etc. etc. For me, it's important to free up time to read and watch other things than TV and I realize that means I may miss something important, but it seems that eventually I catch up even if years later if it's important.

I never understand why "The Real Roseanne" is involved with these creeps in the first place. Then yes, she evidently strategically drops them when they get too gross as she did with Steve2dope when Anonymous was harassing me. But you have to wonder why she keeps getting involved. And the answer is: because she seems to be deep in some loony beliefs herself.

Weev is like the true face of Anonymous.

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