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i liked this all better when it was a black and white twilight zone episode written by blacklisted writers..

anyhow- burgess meredith was great in those.

Rex Cronon

Let me see if I got this story right.
Adria Richards went to this conference. She heard some "comments" that she didn't like. She took a picture of the two guys that made those comments. She posted their picture and commented about this on twitter. That gets those two guys fired. Now, anon steps in and threatens SendGrid. The threat seems to make the CEO fire Adria?


welcome to the betterverse.... everyones a "mean" girl.

years ago i "pissed" off an old "friend" "aquaintance"-web2.0 who was a lanier like vr-arati.... his book on "play" predated most of the "gaming for gov. and corporate good" type bs of the last 3 years that students of his use to make rent and fame.....

what i called him out on-- privately in an email- not publically in twitter- was his call to a betterverse via this tech stuff...... in which IMO everyone would become "bitchy little teenage hs schools" i-- he didnt agree....

but i do see his later writings like those of lanier by 2010-- modified, and more in line with the sentiments of this blog.;)


Catherine Fitzpatrick


Those are the elements of the story, yes.

Naturally, apologists for Anon, like Biella Coleman, are stepping in and denying that we have any proof that it's Anon. And I don't know what they would accept as "proof," but they don't here (maybe because for the first time *ever*, it's prompted SF Gate and others to say, hey, wait a minute...)

The CEO is not going to admit that *Anon* made him fire her -- although it's portrayed that way. He has a statement out that basically just sounds like he's saying "We can't have employees that divide the community and cause scandal for our business like this, it's bad for our reputation".

Rex Cronon

It is sad if the ceo fired her due to pressure from anon:(
The kind of pressure that was used can't be legal. Why didn't the fbi step in? Isn't this extortion?

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Rex, it's "the Internet" that is claiming the CEO fired her after Anonymous attacked their site.

The CEO himself wrote a statement indicating that he fired her for her original act of shaming the geeks, because he felt this split the community of developers that she was supposed to be server in her job as "evangelist'.

"Evangelist" really means "PR person". And by creating a scandal on Twitter, even before any Anonymous attack, she brought shame to his corporation that really didn't deserve it because they had nothing to do with any of this. She contrived the whole thing out of nothing at a conference due to her past profile as a radical feminist.

The harassment she got afterwards and the Anonymous attack are awful and nothing justifies them. But in fact she used the methods of Anonymous herself by taking screen shots and putting them online in an indictment without context or defense. It's the same kind of vigilantism they use.

SendGrid can't be expected to spend the rest of its life fending off complaints from disgruntled geeks who think she was really unfair -- because she indeed *really was* unfair even if the backlash against her was unfair, too. *She started it*. The off-colour joke wasn't said to her; was said to one geek by another and not said as a public statement.

If Adria Richards had sat in the audience of the Samsung Galaxy presentation recently and tweeted a picture of the sexist stereotypes on stage there that got people so indignant, that would have been "fair game". Or if at Pycon, somebody on stage had said something off colour, perhaps -- although this entire radical feminist "gotcha" is suspect to me from the get-go because it isn't about rights or equality but vigilantism and anarchic power-grabbing.

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