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Kizone Kaprow

This may be one of those chicken-and-egg imponderables, but was the world *always* full of gullible crackpots and malicious troublemakers, or did the internet create them? The humans on our planet have unprecedented means of educating themselves, and yet they seem to be devolving intellectually. Or are they? Are the world's humans simply doing what they've always done: subjectively arranging the facts of reality according to their own flawed ethics, metaphysics and epistemology? A culture -- even one as averse to introspection as our own -- is guided by its dominant philosophy. What does that portend for our future, when so many of our state-educated children believe that the U.S.S.R. is on the same moral plane as the United States?


kardashians...hmm that sounds russian..good for me!
MIPS..accept no substitute.

Alex K.

If they insist on listing Al-Qaida's and Taliban's victims as "killed by the US government," they should treat the victims of Soviet-sponsored regimes and organizations as "killed by the Soviet government." All the people killed by Chinese communists, for example.

But I don't like this approach. It inevitably leads to pointless discussions like, "Who is responsible for the (insert number) victims of the (insert time and place) conflict." What really matters is that the Soviet regime was based on mass terror, which did not start in the 1930s but in 1918.

Barrie Hebb sounds completely deranged, as if hindered from grasping the most basic realities by some cerebral malfunction. But... to quote Bulgakov, "I can't believe it ... he worked for Pest Control." I can't believe it - Hebb is an academic economist. He's working for CEFIR, the research center affiliated with NES, of which Sergei Guriev was rector. But the man's barking like Sharikov.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Alex, that's just it! He worked with Guriev! And he even says in another post on Facebook that he admired Guriev, and his willingness to step out of traditional economic theories. But Guriev is no Marxist and obviously Guriev could have set him straight on Stalin.

Yes, 1918 is the year to start with, I don't reserve specialness of "it was a good theory implemented badly" stuff for Lenin or excuse him, as some do; he started it and is the architect of it all. In fact, the terror started even before 1917.

I think this approach has to be made, however, in which we very precisely say that one regime in history is responsible for the lion's share of political murders -- the Soviet regime -- then comes the Chinese regime and some other communist regimes like the Cambodians. The US responsibility for murders is utterly dwarfed by these giants. That has to be said.

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