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what a compelling argument that, of all the men harassing women online with unsolicited pictures of their dicks, john schindler's one of the good ones.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

But he didn't harass any woman.

The picture wasn't unsolicited in any sense.

This woman herself sent pictures of her boobs *first*, contacted him and flirted with him endlessly and did favours for him *first* over the course of the year.

She said "thanks" and continued to flirt with him with a fake "I'm scared" after the picture was sent.

Hardly unsolicited, hardly innocent, hardly any proof of "harassment." Anyone can see that if aren't a troll to start with.

Kizone Kaprow

The first people to revel in "free expression" (e.g., pornography, exhibitionist online obscenities) and who daily if not hourly cite First Amendment guarantees of free speech to support *their* views and proclivities, are also the first to squeal with schadenfreudian delight whenever an ideological enemy expresses himself in *his own* way and gets "caught" at it. Hypocrites all.


Given that he comes from a toxic NSA agency culture of "LOVEINT", is this really surprising?


"They have not come up with a single goddamn individual case of civil liberty violations. Not one. Not a single credible case that shows the NSA had some systemic or systematic practice of violating civil rights deliberately, in harm of someone not a targeted suspect, or in harm of someone targeted wwho shouldn't have been."

Oh, I see you hadn't heard of the "LOVEINT" thing. Google it....

(If your response boils down to "they were dealt with internally by the agency", don't bother writing it yourself -- just copy something from a Vatican press release and do a few name cut-and-pastes.)


The woman started flirting with John months ago. I thought her behavior was as strange as the meme and photos she has posted. How does someone text message you unless they have your phone number. How did John get the woman's cellphone number? How did he get her email address which by the way has the sexual position 69 in it?

Catherine Fitzpatrick

I've written numerous times about how LOVEINT is NOT an example of a valid civil rights concern.

It's a workplace discipline issue that could affect any workplace -- and does. Google engineers have used their powers to stalk people of sexual interest, too. This is all on the record.

It does not consist of a *policy* of the NSA to allow employees to just stalk and snoop on anyone they want in their personal lives. That's strictly forbidden AND punished. Therefore to cite it as some kind of "gotcha" is completely lame. It's not systemic abuse; it's not a policy; it's punished.

Now go and try to find a REAL CASE that isn't like this one eternally cited by apologists that is so lame. That doesn't involve a legitimate target.


Paul Canning (@pauloCanning)

Thanks for writing this. John has been invaluable on Ukraine.

It will be interesting to see who else comes to his defence.

One minor point, I don't think he is a 'conservative'. He actually tweeted, I think it was a fortnight ago, that he self-identifies as a 'social democrat'.

As a European Social Democrat myself I was pleased to see him saying this. It's vital, I'd argue, that 'lefties' and 'liberals' don't leave this terrain to the Putin lovers and the libertarians.

Here's what I wrote about Greenwald last year >

Kizone Kaprow


"It's a workplace discipline issue that could affect any workplace -- and does....It does not consist of a *policy* of the NSA to allow employees to just stalk and snoop on anyone they want in their personal lives....It's not systemic abuse; it's not a policy; it's punished."

Wait, you mean one bad apple *doesn't* spoil the whole bunch? If this is true, you've just demolished anarcho-libertarianism's principle rhetorical weapon. See also "painting with a broad brush" and "collectivism."


"It's a workplace discipline issue that could affect any workplace"

Commission of crimes are not a "workplace discipline" issue, and are only treated as such by corrupt agencies (e.g. the Catholic Church and the NSA).

Kizone Kaprow


Your definition of "corrupt" is itself corrupted.

Paul Canning (@pauloCanning)

Just read your 'Google witch hunters' page.

Wow. Re-spect.

You should definitely write that book.

Your Intercept work, BTW, is fabulous. The 'This week in Russia' round up is (yes?) unique and truly insightful.

Best to you.

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