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Kizone Kaprow

Anarcho-pirates are political creatures. As such they are utterly unversed in those fundamental philosophical disciplines on which politics is dependent: metaphysics, epistemology, ethics. That's how they snatch context-free, floating abstractions out of thin air. Digital code isn't property (they insist) because you can't see it or hold it in your hand!

Here's but one example of the pirates' ethically agnostic mendacity: they claim that making a copy of something without the owner's permission is not theft, because they have (as you noted above) not taken the "original." A copy, they claim, has no real value; just the original, which the property owner retains. Well, if a copy has no intrinsic value, why steal it? Why upload it to pirate sites, gather subscribers and sell ads if it has no value?

Pirates are united in one indisputable fact -- they're all liars.


Why is a sticker on Snowden's laptop such a big deal?

Kizone Kaprow

"...unfortunatley this is getting new life now with the release of "The Internet's Own Boy" about the life of Schwartz..."

Maybe 100 people will make an effort to see the movie and actually pay for it. The rest, as a kind of twisted poetic justice, will illegally download and "share" it, depriving the propagandists of their intellectual property (and profits).

See ReasonTV's puppets dance as the anarcho-libertarian "Free minds and free markets" outfit provides free publicity for their fellow anarchists.

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