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Comment by John McMillan on “DMCA Takedown Notice of Copyright Infringement to John Young”

Pieter Hulshoff, you write: "Copyleftists generally do not appropriate the work of others, and re...

Comment by Catherine Fitzpatrick on “The Creative Commons Shill”

Give it up, Pieter, you sound stupid and you only reveal yourself to be a piracy apologist when y...

Comment by Catherine Fitzpatrick on “Weev Goes to the Big House: "He Concocted a Fiction"”

Pieter, as we know, you're just here to troll and harass in pursuit of your copyleftist and open ...

Comment by Catherine Fitzpatrick on “You Can't Copy Artichokes”

Of course I'm correct. On that and many other things. I don't need to draft a law on copyright a...


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