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April 14, 2009


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Wow. Sad story. I've read about that (I believe in wikipedia) but never heard a first-hand account.

Havel was put in an awkward situation by men that weren't worth of polishing his shoes.

It always amazed me the strange relationship between Frank and Republicans... Frank was a conservative at his core (hard work, no drugs, family man) but by denouncing the hipocrisy of some religious leaders, he became the enemy.

That said, the Soviet empire fell because of Reagan, not Zappa.

Were Frank alive today, would he vote for Ron Paul ? :P

I think Zappa had a lot more to do with the fall of the Soviet empire than Reagan did--- at least in what was then Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia was a small country with a funny name which now no longer exists--- but it actually was one of the crown jewels of the empire, and it was the first domino to fall over. And, the old Czechoslovakian regime was brought down by a bunch of Zappa-listening hippies.

Reagan's great contrubution was that he recognized that the war was over and he did have the courage to make peace. Admitting that a war is over when it's over is much harder than starting one in the first place... as both Presidents Bush, President Clinton, and now President Obama have all found out the hard way.

Reagan called evil "evil", and kept the pressure and the attrition on the soviets, until smashing those Czech hippies (as they had already done in 1968) wasn't worth the effort anymore. Then, and only then, the chips started to fall.

I greatly admire Zappa, but he could write a lot of crap too, like he did on the Real FZ Book when speaking about foreign policy.

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