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February 26, 2010


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Catherine Fitzpatrick

vgabriel is now tweeting me a link to the blog of a deputy in the Ekaterinburg City Duma (assembly), apparently a "great guy" who was in IT, Leonid Volkov.

And I'm supposed to read this story and realize the problem with "meat" or "milk" or...something.

I came away with a very different attitude than what vgabriel hoped to prompt me toward -- and I'll translate this guy's blog in due course.

Basically, he chastises a pregnant unmarried Russian woman with a 6-year-old in tow already who had failed to obtain a propiska (resident permit, Soviet-era hangover) and access various social services or permissions or papers (other Soviet hangovers) for now facing homelessness and needed a handout.

Of course, the fact that she goes to the office of a deputy in parliament to complain is itself all part of the Russian dysfunction...

The "meat" here for me is that a group fighting the Soviet-era propiska system should get well as a group helping provide shelter to pregnant women and their kids. My milk and meat here doesn't include blaming the victim for not getting her papers in order.

vlad gabriel

Catherine you've made me horrible image in this post which I hope fare from true, but anyway thank you for attracting attention to the program which gives software and support to NGOs in Russia. I believe you are wrong with your milk and meet approach and we have to help to all who need help instead of trying to look better by selecting meet or milk.

I think it will be better if we switch our twitting to English to avoid so big misunderstanding in future.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

The record shows just what your "evangelizing" is.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

The problem isn't my reading of your Russian, dude, as anyone can see. It's your mentality, reflected in your native Russian that anyone can read.


Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, a cool site I like

Kofi Jackson

Why did Guido Sohne die in Kenya? Other great people - doesn't make any difference if they work with Microsoft or sit on a competitor board - may expose themselves to similar violent dangers once a struggle about substantial corporate interests starts, real money gets involved, or administration, minister and other officials run havoc. Not bread&butter but blood&flesh. Dark milk. I don't know if Gabriel is a bad or a good person, if you are famous, got your elite university degree, you never know!!! There is always a risk. Where all protection does not matter at all. Russia has a fame of a dangerous place full of corruption.

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