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March 03, 2010


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Robert Taffae

I purchased their security system and since then
the ICON they gave me has disappeared from computer. I have no way of up-dating this system.
Please advise me at:

The case I know about is Baikalskaya Volna where all computers were seized on the grounds of piracy check in order to force the NGO to bound to re-opening of a paper factory on Baikal.

NGOs must stay away from Windows and Office and migrate to Linux Ubuntu and Open Office. Same functionality, more secure, free and no questions asked. That's a part of our effort within #rustechdel. More on

Prokofy Neva

I don't see any reason to move to wonky Linux merely because of the abusiveness of some persons either misusing the Microsoft name, or possibly a certain timidity with Microsoft cooperating with court proceedings without mitigating against the wider abusive system.

In any event, Denisova is exonerated. She got an official apology.

All very interesting, and a credit to the human rights activists who raised this case and tried to get attention to this injustice.

בגדי מעצבים

I was surprised to find out this information, which I obtained from a people privileges capitalist from a team I have long proved helpful with and respected.

classified online

The a large number of cases from Italy attractive to the western court of human privileges are proof of this.

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