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June 30, 2010


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I saw your comment on the New York Times, indeed the old gray lady shows its irrelevance by the day.

Daddy Warbucks Soros

"Spying that doesn't have to be directed exactly and scripted perfectly by the handlers and the moles and the illegals -- could it get any better than that?! Spying which, like a kind of purse seine net catching bluefin tuna, gathers an enormous amount of fish in their nets by being cast very widely and broadly -- and then they get what they get." You mean like George Soros and his cutout service all over Eurasia for the last twenty five years???

Daddy Warbucks Soros

"A Russian oligarch owns a good chunk of Facebook. What does that ownership give him? Does it enable him to suggest programmers for the staff who have access to the data of customers to data mine?"

Google and No Such Agency (cough, cough)

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