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April 05, 2011


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"I said I had discovered that myself once, giving a talk at the university and staring at the bust of Lenin still there, and finding that people didn't know about the dissidents like Pavel Litvinov who had gone out on Red Square to protest the invasion of Czechoslovakia. Hell, they didn't even know about the invasion of Czechoslovakia."

Why should they remember the invasion of Czechoslovakia, when the invasion of Iraq provides a much more recent example of; a Great Power bullying a small country, a conspiracy to wage aggressive war, and was far bloodier to boot?

Catherine Fitzpatrick

It's possible to condemn both invasions, you know "rkka"?

And I'd like to hear your plan for the numerous terrorists that have killed tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq.

Most of the civilians killed in Iraq are killed by terrorists and militants of various sort in that region, some backed by theocratic states like Iran, and by Al Qaeda.

They aren't killed by American troops.

Where's your condemnation for that, eh?

You suffer from the usual myopia, imagining the worst crimes are America's and even -- Orwellian all the way! -- advocating that people should forget all other wars, and only focus on this one -- really, the first part of this one. Great power bullying? Not as simple as that. Where was your condemnation of Saddam, and where is your condemnation of Iran, Syria, and the terrorists? You imagine they wouldn't exist if the US went away?


"And I'd like to hear your plan for the numerous terrorists that have killed tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq."

Absolutely. They're scum, no question.

And how many Iraqis were being killed by AQ terrorists prior to March 2003?

Saddam was a bloody dictator who opposed AQ.

President Dumbya Bush made Iraq into an AQ playground.

And Syria and Iran are pikers when it comes to lying their way into idiotic wars, compared to the US of A.

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