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December 25, 2011


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Are you La Russophobe?

Catherine A. Fitzpatrick

No, not at all.

La Russophobe is a different person who has several blogs, now one called "Dying Russia" and always uses this pseudonym "La Russophobe".

I always write under my own real name on the topic of Russia -- my avatar writing name Prokofy Neva is linked but I write on virtual worlds under that name.

Some of my views coincide with La Russophobe, but not all.

La Russophobe has even ridiculed me at times in some threads.

On the question of the Moscow demonstrations, we agree that they are exaggerated by both official Russian media, now being manipulated to help the demonstrations, and Western media, looking for Arab spring patterns where they don't exist.

The difference is that I think there are more people authentically participating than LR -- but I'll have to write more on this later.

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