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February 06, 2012


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Thanks for this. It is sad for me to learn that a writer whose book The Compromise taught me more about Russia than I learned at University in the 1970's from Andrew Field and others, died so young, in exile from his native land. I was in Moscow and Petersburg early this year and would have loved to have had him and Yuz Aleshkovsky as tour guides but Tsar Vladimir was back on the throne and times are tough for artists and free spirits, once again.


I just came across this blog post because it mentions Alec Batchan - my dad. Thought I'd check if you have a live link to any of his work that you refer to, since the link you posted back in 2012 is no longer functional.

"I always remember Alik with his shoulder-bag carrying a large tape recorder for his interviews."

Funny, because this is always the way I remember him, too.

Thanks, and feel free to shoot me an email!

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Hi, Marc, glad you dropped by and happy to make your acquaintance! I remember your Dad well and spent many hours with him in interviews or in work on covering the Soviet dissident movement and the emigres in New York.

I'm afraid I don't have a link. Perhaps somewhere I might find the old newspapers but I'm not sure I saved those.

Jessica LeCroy

marc, i knew your father very well and met you several times when you were just a child. i would love to talk to you about your father, Alec Batchan. Please feel free to email me.

Marc Batchan


Thanks for replying, and sorry for hijacking your blog post with an off-topic conversation.


I would love to send you an email, but I don't see an email address listed. I've heard stories about how you taught me how to tie my shoes. My email address is [email protected] - please shoot me a message if you have a chance!


Бедный Алик.
В то время в Праге погибло несколько бывших русских при похожих обстоятельствах

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