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December 20, 2012


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Mr. X

If only ReginaldQuill Cointelpro could find it in his heart to retweet links to desperate appeals calling for the release of the Ukrainian journalists the jihadists who call themselves the Free Syrian Army have kidnapped. Instead he just tweets lame ass stuff like this:

pretending that all the mass bloodletting he and others like him have cheered on has nothing to do with him, NATO, or America's pro-Sunni jihadi allies in Saudi Arabia and Qatar:

Mr. X

"The Russian Duma -- an undemocratic organ that was not elected by any elections that is recognized by the regional body OSCE as sufficiently free or fair -- " it would be nice just once Catherine if you would call for as rigorous standards for the United States as for Russia. The U.S. has precincts where Obama won a very Putin in the Caucuses like 99.9% in Philadelphia and Detroit. Yet the Caucasian results are viewed as fraudulent while the Obama results are considered pristine. It's the old Craig Pirrong bias of if it's done in America it must be checked, rechecked, and meet all standards, not the presumption of standards that much of the West is still living off of and which in fact have become a fiction.

"That's their right, as there is no international law guaranteeing the right of other people to adopt another country's children for any reason or no reason." Correct.

"It's important to realize that this action by the Duma not only comes from years of controversy over these American cases some Americans might not have realized, it also comes as a retaliation for the Magnitsky Act for Accountability, passed last week by the US Congress after long controversy itself. That's, of course, disgusting." No Catherine, if it was direct tit for tat as I've been urging Russia to do for some time, it would've been called the Agent Brian Terry Accountability Act and Russia would have abrogated to itself the right to judge Eric Holder's guilt in the death of a slain border patrol agent and hundreds if not thousands of Mexican citizens murdered with 'Fast and Furious' supplied guns. But in Pirrong la la land sheer lawlessness and criminality can only exist in Russia and not in the U.S., that didn't happen. Instead Russia focused on policy that is fully within its sovereign right, and that is to do something about foreigners adopting and then killing Russian kids rather than act as judge and jury for Americans who have not been put on trial (or in the Magnitsky Act's case, blacklisting Russians who've been acquitted/cleared of involvement in their own country's human rights abuses!).

Mr. X

What I'm trying to say with the above Catherine (and Lord knows I'm the only one who bothers commenting here as it's the only way to talk back to you, Pirrong, and the liberast fanboys and girls running around on Twitter) is that the U.S. so long as there's no paper trail of voting combined with nearly half the population on means adjusted State benefits may never have honest elections again. And as I've told @LibertyLynx and @ReginaldQuill directly on my blog, even Hugo Chavez's socialist Venezuela has more safeguards against individuals voting multiple times than the U.S. thanks to the need to ink one's finger, though I don't doubt election counting is rigged in Chavez's favor as it was in Obama's favor this cycle.

In other words, the U.S. is rapidly sliding into the kind of banana republic status that it once denounced in others. You, Pirrong and CointelproReggie are living off the fantasy that what you learned in civics class decades ago is still how things actually work in America. And what scares me is that I'm not sure I'll even be able to run away to Russia when the time comes as Russian chinovniks will be able to justify their own abuses by saying, "We only do what the Americans and British do".

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