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December 22, 2012


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Mr. X

"So just as they actually never did with Afghanistan back in the 1980s, the moral crusaders of the world are asking the US to "do something" and not stand idly by about Syria, and just as was the case with Afghanistan back then, we are hesitant because it means fighting the Russians." Your tweeps, @ReginaldQuill, and your pal Not So Streetwise Professor included Catherine. All of whom have insisted we need to 'do something in Syria' for a long time though SWP in particular has no freakin' clue what an earlier Obama intervention in Syria would've looked like. And CointelproReggie has always disingenuously insisted he didn't want direct U.S. intervention while defaming all those who said NATO's actions were leading up to precisely that outcome once it became undeniable Al-Qaeda jihadi lunatics were taking over the 'Free Syrian Army' our beloved Saudi and Qatari friends created. Then of course Washington will insist it has to invade Syria to save Syria from the Al-Qaeda thugs Washington's allies empowered.

And while @ReginaldQuill pro is pushing his 'Russians control all neo-Confederate anti-war agitproppers in the U.S.' bullshit pro-BigSis conspiracy theory, he can note that this week Brother Alex Jones came out and condemned RT for carrying pro-gun control hysteria water and so did now apparent non-RT guest Paul Craig Roberts (RT dropped Jones a while back).

But I'm sure he'll say, much like Mr. Jones hosting Joel Skousen who created the 'eternal USSR = faked collapse of Russia" theory along with a few defectors who wanted to stay relevant post 1991, that it's all part of the elaborate subterfuge etc etc etc. No sometimes when people say they're coming for your guns and then say they don't mean to violate your 2nd Amendment right they in fact do intend to do what they said they would do.

Mr. X

And I don't give a damn if you call me tinfoil hat wearer, we cannot have One World Government so long as 300 million privately held firearms remain in the hands of Americans. If it takes a thousand prozac heads or more MK Ultra grads being turned loose against schools than can possibly be created, nonetheless the forces of evil will do their damndest to give it a try.

And again, why can't other nations besides the U.S. pick up the slack and adopt Russian kids? And why isn't Russia within its rights to finally slap down Washington for its hypocrisy and lies and arrogance in presuming to judge human rights in the whole world while killing off rights one drone strike and TSA/state police sexual assault at a time?

Mr. X

"Ownership. The Russians will find this a glorious thing. We should find the people who sell arms to Assad via Russian exporters and add them to the Magnitsky List." And every last blood stained criminal involved in Operation Fast and Furious starting with Eric Holder himself should be banned from ever setting foot in the Russian Federation. M'k?

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