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December 12, 2012


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Mr. X

Your (and @ReginaldQuill's PAID FOR) rhetoric calling paleoconservatives and libertarians Russian tools is the first step to having BigSis lock them up. So is Pirrong's rant comparing Ron Paul and his supporters to the Khmer Rouge. Presumably they should be dealt with like the Khmer Rouge were. This is eliminationist rhetoric.

Mr. X

ZeroHedge: U.S. incarceration rate now exceeds Russia -- Only China has more prisoners among all nations in the world

No wonder Streetwise Professor, @ReginaldQuill et al hate ZeroHedge and are practically begging BigSis Napolitano to shut this 'KGB front' down!

Mr. X

@ReginaldQuill if you're reading this you are a scumbag serving pure evil. Your bosses now are throwing it in our faces that they support Al-Qaeda in Syria. And you are now apologizing for Mohammed Morsi and his one degree of separation from Al-Qaeda Muslim Brotherhood and saying anyone even in Egypt who doesn't like the MBO is a 'Soviet style socialist'. You are going to be remembered like the Vichy who sold out their country to the Nazis.

At least everyone at Belmont Club knows who you are and who you work for now.

Mr. X

Glorious Free Syrian Army jihadists threaten to murder Ukrainian journalist. These are the Islamonazi scum @ReginaldQuill is an apologist for and SWP keeps silent about. These are real atrocities Catherine you don't have a darn thing to say about either. These people are being funded by U.S. allies Qatar and Saudi Arabia if not being directly funded, armed and trained by NATO in a proxy war against Russian and CIS citizens. How is this is not an attempt to provoke Russia into WWIII by power mad globalzis?

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