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December 09, 2012


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Mr. X


Extraterritorial conviction by an empire with no judge or jury can go both ways. Watch an American State Dept. official linked to the glorious Syria jihad @ReginaldQuill wants to join as a bomb-belt wearing martyr get booted out of Russia shortly. It's time for tit for tat.

"If the integration process looked like the EU, there wouldn't be any opposition to it. But it doesn't." Catherine, are you aware of how much opposition there is to continued EU slavery within the Europtisky Soyuz's satellite states? Starting with Greece where unemployment is 35-40%? And Spain where it's now 30%? If the EU is so wonderful that there's no opposition to it why are 'fringe' parties exploding in those countries and so many Spaniards and Greeks going hungry? Isn't starving people a form of oppression?

Mr. X

I for one favor the Agent Brian Terry Accountability Act and believe Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano should be banned from ever setting foot in Russia and forthwith.

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