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January 22, 2013


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Catherine Fitzpatrick

Glad to see Alyona Popova's call for reactions to this piece got some good answers, but also you can see support of Ashmanov:

@dmitry_seryogin Re start-ups and politicization -- nonsense. Psychology of users has changed, but not toward videos, but it's more complicated

and the propagandistic ton of the article, it's not very pleasant to read

@misha_kvakin sharp Ashmanization of the brain

@SeoUmnik excellent post! Much truth

@s0ra111 article contracts my experience of reality in places (not only "web"). General impression -- propaganda of "patriotism"...

Mr. X

Just one comment about Popova: a few years back she had photos of her and Anya Chapman all over her site, proudly posted. Those photos got deleted once she became a prominent figure in the Russian 'opposition' and claimed OMON broke her arm when probably some nationalist thug called her a b--- at a rally and she slugged him.

Regarding CatzFitz's 'tweeps' - @ReginaldQuill has confirmed in recent days he's all about attacking BigSis' enemies, including WND and Senator Rand Paul. He's a shameless hack for BigSis, whether paid or unpaid, and calls the CIA smuggling guns from Libya to Syria a 'conspiracy theory' when numerous ex-CIA and military insiders have said that's exactly what was happening at the 'consulate' (really CIA compound) in Benghazi.

And the notion that those putting forward this theory are 'blaming the victim' in Amb. Chris Stevens when Stevens himself may have had second thoughts about Fast and Furious po Arabski is pure sophistry. @ReginaldQuill is an authoritarian Military/BigSis complex worshipping thug, plain and simple, who agitates for war against his fellow Americans by calling them 'neo-Confederates'.

And Catherine Fitzpatrick's (and more importantly, Craig 'Streetwise Professor) Pirrong's tolerance of such libels of the Pauls simply because they don't like their foreign policy views is why I have so much contempt for Pirrong. Hey jackass Professor, those people @ReginaldQuill calls 'neo-Confederates' are your gun owning friends and neighbors!

Catherine A. Fitzpatrick

I'm the one who reported on the connection between Popova and Chapman -- I think I broke that story actually:

As for the rest of all this ranting and raging about Craig Pirrong and Reginal Quill, I don't know these people. I don't agree often with what they say. I merely follow them on Twitter. They often post things that I *do* agree with about Russia.

I don't follow all the conspiracy theories about the Pauls, etc. etc. Perhaps they're true -- I just don't have time to investigate them. It's just not interesting to me. I don't like the Pauls, that video on China invading the US was stupid and tendentious. The person who raged at Reginal Quill today can hardly be considered a reliable source as he's an anonymous ranter himself, as they often are.

I don't follow Homeland Security and only today figured out who "BigSis" is. I lived most of my adult life without something called "Homeland Security" so I haven't really studied it except for a few efforts to try to get them to acknowledge that they shouldn't render people back to torture in authoritarian countries. I'm not an expert on Homeland Security. Right after 9/11, they had a "citizens' watch" that they asked everyone to sign up for. I volunteered to watch a block of riverfront. I never heard back from them. It's just as well, my eyesight is poor.

Checkitgr Bookmarks

While Ashmanov is speaking of the "Internet revolutionaries" in the third person, what he is really saying, in my view, that the code class of Russia -- the top Internet technologists and legions of programmers and script kiddies -- are in a position to withstand the analogue Kremlin now, and we really have to see who will defeat whom.

More Info

Internet is the main part of human life. By using internet, people can search any information. That's why I liked going through your post.

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