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January 26, 2013


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Mr. X

Hey Catherine, it might interest you and your idol Craig Pirrong to know that Alyona Popova used to post photos of herself with Anya Chapman on her website back in the day when Anya was a hot Moscow celebrity post-expulsion from the U.S. for incompetently spying. Those photos have since been scrubbed thanks to her association with Ponomarov. Coincidence? I think not!

And I let Pirrong have it over at Let the entire Russophobic Russia watcher community know what a fanatic joke this man is and how pathetic his defense against lawlessness within his own industry has been.

Mr. X

"There's no need for any apologies and clutching of the breast over American sins; we have a robust civil society of our own that just elected the most liberal president in American history;" Liberal jingoist or fake libertarian jingoist, birds of a feather like Fitzpatrick and Pirrong flock together.

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