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April 21, 2013


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Catherine Fitzpatrick

A new piece of information from an AP interview with the father just published in the Washington Post. At least, I haven't seen it before:

“He went with me twice, to see my uncles and aunts. I have lots of them,” the father said.

He said they also visited one of his daughters, who lives in the Chechen town of Urus-Martan with her husband. His son-in-law’s brothers all work in the police force under Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, he said.


So we have no confirmation of his own job in any law-enforcement, only that his daughter's husband's brothers are. While that may seem like a remote connection, in-laws are much more important relatives in this part of the world. Each individual in-law can have a special, separate term, i.e. brother of daughter's husband, in some regional languages.

John McGrath

Why were they in Cambridge? First of all they would be familiar with it because they lived in Cambridge and MIT is in Cambridge. Cambridge is a small city, the street they lived on is very near MIT. MIT, like the Marathon, would be a great symbolic target to go after. In addition, the younger boy, for small fees, was in the habit of bringing MIT students to an auto repaid service in their Cambridge neighborhood. It is quite likely that he became jealous of the privileged MIT students. I lived in that neighborhood and many of the working class kids resented the MIT students. In addition, some MIT professors work on weapons. So why not? Do not attribute great planning to these two losers.

If you want a conspiracy, listen to the Chechyan/Caucasus rebels against Russia. The CIA has been interference to support these rebels. What better way to get the CIA out of the picture than to recruit two mixed up American Chechnyans to commit a terrorist act that would horrify the American people and cause sympathy for Russia in its attempt to control those fanatical Muslims. Especially if Russia attempted to "help" the US intelligence services by warning them about the older brother. If they were so concerned about him, why didn't they take him into custody went he went back to the Caucasus?

Finally, the mysterious Misha who talked the older brother into radicalized Islam and may have suggested taking action against America for waging war on Islam. This red bearded alleged Armenian convert from Christianity to Islam has diapered and no one knows anything about him. He sounds like a Russian operative deliberately radicalizing the Chechnyan boys to do something that would stir up American hatred against Chechnyans.


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