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April 19, 2013


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Thank you for starting this discussion. I was wondering if anyone else may be interested in this video. As much as I enjoy conspiracy theories, I don't see any trained operatives here. I see some young guys goofing off, making fun of the oder generation that has not been very successful at adopting the Russian language and culture that has been imposed on the various ethnic groups in the region.

The young man in the video could certainly qualify for undercover work, but his loyalty to his heritage would probably prevent him from being a very good spy for either side. What is the old saying? Me and my brother against my cousin, me and my cousin against the world.


"sil'no zamutil bratishka"

My translation: Dude, you're wound up!

bratishka: shows a familiarity with the person

zamutil: stirring up sh*t

sil'no: in a major way


Also, I was on the You Tube channel on April 19, and there were several comments on that video. Sil'no zamutil bratishka was one of the original comments. Then someone explained in English what the video was about, and that was a recent comment, but when I went back later in the afternoon, all the comments had been disabled.


Another point of interest is the username: abubakringush

A friend of the Ingush people

abubakr: Abu Bakr

ingush: Ingush people

A companion of the Ingush people

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Thanks for your imput. Yes, they could just be having fun with accents, like Baba Fira and Shit My Babushka Says on Youtube.

Is it or is it not the brother Tamerlan? Because it shows amazing ability with accents, and that does mean ability to act/dissemble. is not just a friend of the Ingush people.

He's "a senior companion (Sahabi) and the father-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad"

The first caliph.


Here is another guy having fun with accents. These guys are hilarious!

Catherine Fitzpatrick

A common name. Here's a story about the murderer of the imam being liquidated

The shot robber is identified as Oumar Kadyragayev, 1985, the native of the village of Karamakhi of the Buinaksk area on a nickname Abu Bakr who was Aselderov’s closest associate – the leader of fighters operating in the territory of Dagestan.


When I first saw the video, I thought it may be the older brother, but it's hard to tell. What if it is?

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "his ability to dissemble." Where in the Caucasus? Yes, of course he can blend in, but only in his own group. We may think all those groups are the same, but they seem to think they're all very different.

Just because he can talk the talk doesn't mean he will be accepted. People there go back for generations, so unless he has family there who can vouch for him, he will be an outsider. Just like a Chechen will never pass for a Georgian, even with the right accent.

Just because we think he has a perfect accent, doesn't mean the local people think so. If Russian is your native language, and you hear another native speaker saying something in English, even if they have perfect English with no accent, as a native Russian speaker you can pick that person out of a crowd. Right?

Him assimilate in Russia? Like in Moscow? Highly unlikely, because he is considered "ethnic" and will never be accepted as Russian.

The screen name abubakringush could also mean "A member of the Ingush people"


It would be interesting to hear from someone in the region, because all we can do is speculate. I love it how the media reports about things when they don't understand what they're reporting.

For example, the older brother went to Sheremetyevo, Russia. Doesn't that sound scary? It sounds like somewhere in remote Siberia. I wonder if they know that Sheremetyevo is the international airport in Moscow?

I'm surprised they didn't mention that on his way back, he probably went to "LaGuardia," that sounds even scarier! Do you know what they do in LaGuardia? I bet they train terrorists there! lol

Catherine Fitzpatrick



I wonder what kind of Russian language department they have that can't translate the video. They claim it's not in Russian? LOL

The translation is incomplete and misleading. For example, the Armenian missing part is: We will let the Armenians determine their own justice (about the debts.) We will cut them apart.

The last one is Kabardian: You didn't even introduce yourself. Go fuck yourself.

Degestanian: (some words are Russian and some are a combination of both languages, like Spanglish)

(Calling someone's name) Валик ты? братишка, то хто, то хто, эээ давай
давай на (unintelligible) здесь, мы короче здесь (unintelligible) тьфу тьфу. Kороче мужчин поехали. Унсукун, знаеш где такую? Поехали в Москву работу где искать. Нихера не нашли то здесь, приехали обратно махакович, махач, мага буфи, мага тупица, мага убийца. Короче, нас было 48 маг. Короче поймали здесь, короче пару (unintelligible).

Everything else in in Russian.


Clarification about Armenian: You have a problem brother? What problem do you have (with debt). A problem for one Armenian is a problem for all Armenians. We will have our own justice, we will cut him apart.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

I agree, I just haven't had time to do this right.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Given that three people were found with their throats slit and one was Tamerlan's friend, you wonder why he has throat-slitting on the brain...IF that is him...

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