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May 20, 2013


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David McDuff

This is an interesting topic.

I watch Al Jazeera English here on Freeview here in the UK and find it somewhat less anti-American than RT, which as you say is often virulently so.

As far as I can see RFE/RL is already available in the US via Smart TV:

As cable loses its appeal and more Smart TVs and streaming devices(Roku, Boxee, Google TV, etc,) are sold, the nature of broadcasting seems to be changing.


Oh, you forgot:
11. The American “elite” engineered the economic crash of 2008 (to somehow profit and take over the world).
12. Americans adopt Russian kids to exploit them sexually, use their organs, or get the $50K state subsidy and none of the offenders who killed Russian children have been punished.
13. European countries are US “puppets” and always do America’s bidding. (Tell that to the French, eh?)
14. The West, led by the US, is on a crusade to destroy Orthodoxy.
15. The US does not have its own culture.
16. The US dollar is on the verge of collapse.
17. Various secret societies, led by the Jewish American elite, run the world.
Oh, yeah – we’re all fat and our food sucks.
There are more, but my head hurts.
Yes, it would be a start to counter it in the US with broadcasting. I don’t know what would be possible here in Russia. Sometimes it’s just saying the obvious. Someone is yammering about US funded NGOs, how of course all the oppositional protesters are paid by the CIA (or Hillary, or US funded NGOs), etc. And you say, “In the last 25 years, have any NGOs been closed for this activity or anyone jailed or expelled?” Nine times out of ten people are stopped in their tracks. One of the ten says, “It’s because the CIA (Hillary, NGOs, Obama…) bribes the police (judge, prosecutors).” But mostly people simply don’t know that the USAID had an agreement with the Russian govt, that all projects were approved by the Russian govt, that everything was overseen by a “curator.” If your give them facts, they are at least stumped. But of course there isn’t a forum to do that publicly.

When you click on Russian news in WaPo, Russia Beyond the Headlines pops up in the ad space. I assume that happens to everyone, not just folks like me in Russia. How does that work? Can’t we do something like that?

Mr. X

4. America arms Al Qaeda in Syria.

16. The US dollar is on the verge of collapse.

These particular two are without a doubt, true. If by on the verge of collapse you mean within a decade.

I've noticed Pirrong is accusing American paleocons of being pro-Putin. Not true. They are just pro-national sovereignty and anti-Demintern and endless U.S. government sponsored meddling into Russian internal politics. Pirrong, for his part, is a globalist, albiet one who still suffers from the illusion that globalism is in America's national interest rather than that of offshore individuals, corporations, and foreign governments like those of Saudi Arabia and Qatar that have clearly bought America's Syria policy lock stock and barrel.

Mr. X

Look at the Sid Blumenthal attack piece on Thor Halvorssen that ran this past week. While I have no use for the Soros-funded Electronic Intifada, isn't it interesting how Sid at least dwelled slightly on Thor and Frank Gaffney's 'trutherism for me, but not for thee' attitude towards the Boston terror bombings, whereby the FSB's refusal to preemptively jail a U.S. citizen with jihadi ties in Dagestan was taken as 'proof' that Putin's security services orchestrated the whole bombing to get America to see the Chechens Moscow's way? As if the U.S. Embassy wouldn't have protested for Tsarnaev's release had the FSB arrested him!

Thor's buddying up to terrorist financier/frontman Ahmed Zakayev while his own father was, according to Buzzfeed a CIA informant is evidence in plain sight that there are those in the Agency who still view Muslims as useful cannon fodder against Russia, more than a generation after the Soviets left Afghanistan. Sybil Edmonds has been talking about this for a decade after hearing the chatter between U.S. silovik handlers and their Islamist assets after 9/11.

Somehow Thor thinks that palling around with terrorists and inviting them to his Oslo confab is getting back at Putin for supporting Chavez. It is no such thing, it is him being a useful idiot for the American silovik-backed Demintern that operates much like the old Comintern through front groups.

Mr. X

"And it turns out that my great idea is one that also, of all people, President Obama has had, because he has now worked to undo the ban on internal broadcasting by the radios. What do you know!"

Ha! Obama is doing this because nobody watches CNN or PMSNBC (aka the 'suppress the right wing insurrectionists' channel) anymore. Even Fox has had its ratings dip and true conservatives have only started watching again because Roger Ailes grew a pair and took on these flagrant criminals in the White House and DOJ, starting with that perjurer and gun runner to Mexican drug cartels General Holder.

The corrupt Establishment Fitzpatrick and Pirrong still insist is the last best hope of mankind and equate with our corrupted nation is losing the infowar, hands down. And all Pirrong can do about it is rant at how bad RT and Zerohedge if anybody cared about RT back in 2006 or 2007 before the krizis and TBTF bailouts destroyed the credibility of MSM!

Mr. X

Steve Sailer, proven right again: Boston is where America started acting very Checheny - and demonstrated our women love alpha Muslim males:

Somehow I don't think this will get the Russophobe crowd so worked up. Maybe they'll just tell themselves this guy had to die because he was part of Putin's false flag in Boston, not because he knew something about Tamerlane the fascisti in D.C. didn't want out in public.

Mr. X

If you, Pirrong, and Liberty Kitty Cat are all prepared to stand up to this totalitarian all seeing eye surveillance tyranny, if for no other reason than self preservation or distrust of the man supposedly running it Obama, I give you this pledge: I will never comment or troll against you all again. In fact I will keep this solemn vow starting tonight. This country is either on the verge of a total police state with a false flag or WWIII in Syria as a pretext, or the elites flush Obama Richard Milhous Nixon style. Since 'Anonymous' claims they've hacked Obama's personal Skype account, my money would be on the Watergate option, which at the end of the day, was only possible back in the 1970s because Nixon pissed off J. Edgar Hoover and others in the shadow government too much. Obama similarly is a puppet who's outlasted his usefulness to the elites, and will probably be blackmailed by the globalists into resigning since Congress will never have the balls to impeach him.

Perhaps your long forgotten love for the Constitution really can trump your hatred of Glenn Greenwald, Anons (some of whom really work for Uncle Sam, since Anonymous is such a convenient pirate flag to put up for anybody really), RT, Zerohedge, Ron Paul, libertarians, or anyone who doesn't love Big Brother and think American foreign policy is wholly benevolent and loving.

May God bless these United States of America and save us from the final coup the globalists have planned for us. May we not go back to sleep having peeled back the curtain and been given a peak of the hellspawn's activities in Washington and worldwide.

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