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May 15, 2013


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Isn't it just incredibly weird that so many people assume the guy was just a lousy spy? And no one thinks the "technical means of espionage" -- including the form letter from a Nigerian prince -- were staged by the Russian side?
My theories:
1. The guy was a spy, but the paraphrenelia was Russian staging.
2. This was delayed pay-back for the Russian sleeper spies.
3. Because the Americans know (1) and (2), they aren't doing anything about it.
4. This is more of the "homeland is surrounded by enemies" campaign. Big show on Russian TV (Channel 2) Monday night with hysterical anti-Americanism, starting with the orphan scandals, lingering on "Jamestown recruitment," and ending with stupid (tupye) American citizens breaking Russian laws.
5. Very good distraction from the Navalny trial.

Yeah, we're getting old. When I saw the tape I thought, "Young man! Does your mother know where you are at night?" I mean, does he shave regularly?

And yeah, Joffe is sickening. It's too bad -- she didn't start off this way, but she's fallen into the "it's cool to be snarky about the US" mode.

Mr. X

If you're so worried about the State Dept. bending to the Russians, maybe you should tell your buddy Pirrong to stop denying that there was major MANPAD and gunrunning going on from Benghazi to Syria. Because for damn sure the Russians know about it, which gives them a hell of a load of kompromat on Obama. Hell, the Obama Administration would rather be thought of as the second coming of Nixon siccing the IRS on every tea partyer out there then be questioned about why they let Amb. Stevens die, and whether it was to cover up his knowledge of Fast and Furious po Arabski. Pirrong keeps sniveling in his typical snide professor way, 'um no' whenever the subject of Benghazi gun running comes up. Why? Because the thought that the U.S. government is killing Al-Qaeda with drones in Yemen and facilitated arming them to the teeth in Syria would blow away his entire view of American foreign policy as essentially benign? Because it would vindicate what the hated Putin said about the U.S. arming the same type of people it keeps locked up in Benghazi?

How about that video of the Syria rebel commander eating a big chunk of Allawi heart?

Sorry mab Jamestown Foundation is a collection of 'ex' spooks still pining for relevancy and eternally lobbying for the Nabucco pipeline. It's just too lucrative for too many anti-Russia lobby hacks to ever, you know, actually get built despite all the gas out there dying to bypass Russia.

Hey Pirrong, we see right through you and your State Dept. buddies, propagandizing against anyone who suggests Benghazi was about arming Syria jihadis, all while flying to Instanbul. It wouldn't do to criticize the Turks before heading to their turf now would it? You are a sorry ass wannabe spook who dreams of playing Jack Ryan against Putin, and you're willing to sell your libertarian soul to pursue that dream.

Mr. X

Meant above Putin said the U.S. arms the same type of people it keeps locked up in Gitmo. But Benghazi is also applicable since Pirrong seized on the red herring that some Al-Qaeda types were being tortured there by Libyan militia who turned out to be double agents actually working for Al-Qaeda. Um, how exactly is that mutually exclusive with the Benghazi compound (read: CIA hub) being a gunwalking center.

I am not on the Russians side. I'm on the side of truth, Pirrong is an impotent jackass (within his own commodities industry) on the side of known liars. There's no difference between him and the Obamanista fanatics except that they worship different three letter agencies as idols of their god Big Government.

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