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May 16, 2013


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Mr. X

And you wonder why the Gov-oogle/NSA loves Smartphones and Social Media so much! The Kremlins just copied that creepy bastard Schmidt and his Bildeberg buddies.

"So far, the KGB's successors and their people infiltrated or turned in these social media platforms are content to let people chatter because then it makes less work for them trying to bug their phones or follow them to see what they are doing."

Mr. X

PS @StopAgitprop aka @ReginaldQuill I hope if you get the Civil War 2.0 your DHS bosses are constantly 'agitpropping' for by denouncing veterans, gun owners and libertarians as the domestic enemies to be mass arrested/liquidated that you end up in a ditch someplace shitting your pants running from the Patriots. Remember those who dig a pit for the Righteous fall into it.

Mr. X

Oh and on the 'We Don't Kill Journalists in America Unlike Russia' kick:

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