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July 23, 2013


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Catherine Fitzpatrick

Several people have pointed out that since Shamir is some kind of agent provocateur, nothing he says can be trusted.

Well, duh, but that's not the point. The point is, precisely because he might be used as a mouthpiece to broadcast various "versions," you have to look at them and try to assess them.

And since he's going out of his way to try to claim credit for "compelling" certain Putin strongmen to overcome their reluctance to having Snowden get the mike, and trying to create the impression there are "factions," you have to examine if there are.

Of course, there may be no such thing. Or the waters of public opinion and credibility are being tested. Or it's entirely vanity on his part. Or who knows.

But THAT the meeting at the airport was stage-managed doesn't need a whole lot more evidence, given how contrived it was already on the face of it:

1. There was no way that Snowden, who wasn't any kind of Russian expert, unless he was being groomed in secret all this time (always a possibility), would know who these human rights lawyers and groups are.

2. If someone were to make up a list of the known human rights groups and lawyers, they wouldn't include some of those regime tools in quite such a way, where they then take on a lead role.

3. If he wrote the email, it wouldn't have typos or the spelling "centre" which is not how Americans spell "center". Maybe Sarah Harrison (British) wrote them, since she was "staff," but I don't know how she knew whom to invite either, she's also not a Russian expert.

4. Of course, by now, Assange (especially) has been hanging out with Russia Today with his own TV show and all and may have either knowledge or help, but he wasn't on the scene. So they had help. The obvious source of that help seems to be Shamir, since Assange and his loyal assistant Harrison who have ever broken with Shamir, or even claimed that in fact he wasn't working for WikiLeaks, but other figures in WL.

5. If the Russians really ran WikiLeaks all along, why would they put such a clumsy obvious agent provocateur on the job? Well, sometimes it's good to hide things in plain sight as Sherlock Holmes would discover.

Karin Friedemann

If an intelligent person reads an article that begins with accusing someone of being an "anti-Semite" in the first sentence - don't bother reading the rest of the article. It's asinine, mean spirited garbage!

Catherine Fitzpatrick

The Internet tells us this:

"For those not keeping score, Karin Friedemann (aka Maria Hussain) is the local Boston anti-Semitic whack-job (see linked search or just start here) active with such groups as the Islamic Society of Boston and the Green-Rainbow Party. Add a new one to the list: She's trolling the Paulians for converts now."

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