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July 13, 2013


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Mr. X

"HRW said that Snowden had uncovered wrong-doing by the National Security Agency although it can't know that. HRW hasn't found facts, has not proved this, and hasn't even attempted to report on it. I suspect there aren't experts on the HRW staff who grapple with these intricate Internet technology issues, but let's not let the hacksters obfuscate what are really basic and accessible points here: the US does not monitor and seize the correspondence of private persons; that is not what has emerged from this NSA scandal. As has already been amply discovered, the original claims by Glenn Greenwald that the NSA had direct access to all the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and the platforms of Google turned out to be erroneous; there is no direct tap of this nature."

NSA defenders clings to all these pathetic fig leafs:

1) That scooping up the 'metadata' from billions of calls a day is a-ok because of a 1979 SCOTUS ruling prior to the invention of cellphones which offer vastly more data including locations and websurfing habits than did old analog landline phones. Might as well use horse and buggy jurisprudence to determine a case involving Formula One cars. Furthermore NSA defenders insist metadata itself cannot be used to blackmail members of Congress or the Supreme Court or 'out' people having affairs like General Petraeus when the evidence is overwhelming much of D.C. is blackmailed. See the bloodshot eyes photograph of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. And the testimony of NSA whistleblower Russ Tice that you, Pirrong, @LibertyKittyCatBootlicker and all the other groupies have singularly ignored.

2) Private investigator Doug Hagmann ( has filed a sworn affidavit in Pennsylvania swearing that he overheard a recorded NSA log on his telephone after a DOMESTIC phone call to another journalist/investigator. This of course came after months of Hagmann inquiring as to the Constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold his office, as well as where Obama was during the crucial hours of the Benghazi attack and the CIA's involvement in trafficking MANPADs and other dangerous weapons from eastern Libya to the Syrian jihadists including Al-Qaeda affiliated groups on and before September 11, 2012. Hagmann has also reported on the DHS arms and propaganda buildup against Constitutionalists, conservatives, libertarians, veterans and outspoken Christians.

The Hagmann case of course, cannot be dismissed out of hand because we already know this corrupt Eric Holder led Justice Dept. shopped warrants before two federal judges before finding one that would issue a warrant that read more like an indictment against Fox News' James Rosen for doing his job.

3) While you neocon fanatics continue to tut tut about how journalists get killed in Russia (and indeed many were several years ago) you ignore the stupefying cover up of Michael Hastings death in LA...despite physical evidence of a car bomb (i.e. the engine block being blown over a hundred feet away) and the implausibility that a Mercedes Benz would simply explode in flames just because it hit a tree at high speed. In other words, OUR GOVERNMENT OR CORRUPT ELEMENTS WITHIN IT MURDER JOURNALISTS AND SPY ON DISSENTERS AND INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS!

4) Meanwhile you pretend that this massive sprawling NSA surveillance complex is somehow safely firewalled from an Obama Administration that has already completely politicized the Justice Dept. and used it to stir up racial strife, an IRS that interrogates pro-lifers as to the contents of their prayers and otherwise engages in the type of intimidation you denounce against Russian NGOs right here on American soil, and a Department of Homeland Security that has standing contracts to purchase 2 billion rounds of ammunition and hundreds of armored vehicles and drones.

5) Catherine you are basically bewailing the fact that dissident Americans are now fleeing into the arms of a corrupt successor to the old Evil Empire, while failing to acknowledge that Washington is now widely seen around the world as the new repressive Evil Empire. A state that forces its homosexualist agenda, abortion and sterilization, and blanket surveillance through spying pacts on the entire planet. A nation that will be judged by Almighty God, in this life or the next, but rather sooner in my estimation.

No wonder you and Pirrong and Naval War College Prof. John Schindler are all terrified of being called to the carpet by the libertarian Right. You HATE being reminded that your gods in the NSA may have all the data. But they don't have all the guns!

Mr. X

"In the days of Daniel Ellsberg and the Berrigan brothers, people committing civil disobedience and direct action understood the social contract: they committed their acts as statements of protest, then peacefully held out their hands to be cuffed and went to jail meekly as an act of conscience. They did their time." Which is why Ellsberg is praising Snowden and even defending him after he fled abroad?

Pathetic Catherine, truly pathetic. Ellsberg only escaped years rotting in prison because Nixon's plumbers got caught and the media/FBI complex hated Nixon's guts. Not like now when we have a completely state run media that has super special meetings where the Daily Caller isn't invited to issue talking points. And where Karl Rove and the boys at Palantir tell Pirrong, Schindler, and others what to think giving them daily marching orders. Oh yes Catherine a professor at the Naval War College spent at least ten if not fourteen hours on Twitter on my TAXPAYER DIME trolling Wayne Madsen:

BTW Schindler's partisan activities defending Obama while being paid by the taxpayers to educate naval officers violates the Hatch Act.

At the end of the day, you may whine and moan about the 'hacktivists' and 'griefers'. But we know it's the patriots and Constitutionalists waking up and taking back this government and having the States ARREST and RESIST your gods in the three letter agencies that makes people like you and Pirrong soil yourselves.


Mr. X

PS Pirrong ('I'ma good ole' boy cuz I live in Houston and have losta guns') -- your beloved 'checks and balance' rubberstamping, blank check warrant signing FISA court judges apparently know about as much about the 2nd Amendment as they do about the 4th: which is to say nothing.

Still think these judges you pretend are a check on D.C. fascism are going to give a rat's ass about your gun rights when Texas is 'in insurrection'?

Tread carefully. You're surrounded by 'bitter clingers' who won't take kindly to your bootlicking for their oppressors in the near future.

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