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July 27, 2013


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Mr. X

Prokofy Crazy Neva, who accuses everyone else of being crazy...

1) I wasn't 'banned' from Streetwise Professor's blog for being violent, I was banned for mocking him and his pretensions to care about the rule of law in the United States why being allegedly obsessed with it 4,000 miles away. That is our country, Russia isn't.

Since Jon Corzine remains a free man and absolutely nothing is being done about the theft of 1 billion dollars in MF Global customers funds, my predictions came true...Pir-wrong's 'the wheels of justice turn slowly' musings did not. He is a fraud when it comes to expertise in his own industry (insisting for example that gold and silver manipulation is impossible while aluminum is probably being manipulated) besides.

2) You libel me saying I 'rant' here. Um no. Publishing links to sworn affidavits demonstrating that the NSA spies on anti-Obama investigative journalists like Doug Hagmann domestically isn't a rant. To which twits like Schindler can only say, 'You're crazy' in true Brezhnev era zhulty dom fashion. Let's psychiatrize all dissidents rather than admit some of my NSA buddies are corrupt servants of an aspiring totalitarian regime!

3) On the 'violent' bit, um wrong again Catherine. I've never threatened anyone with violence, though your little Cointelpro helpers have tried to frame me for it time and again.

What I have explained, very calmly to you NSA worshippers and bootlickers, particularly those of you like yourself and Pir-wrong who live in major urban areas with large populations dependent on the federal government for basic survival, is that you will have blood on your hands if you continue to blindly support a regime that is destroying our Constitution and preparing for war against the American people. It WILL blow back on you if nothing else when your 'neighbors' EBT cards no longer work. And certainly no spy service set up to fight other Americans would last very long if the 'rebel' side actually could call in air strikes.

And this Second American Civil War various agencies including NSA and DHS are preparing for...

given the manpower balance, including troops and police officers likely to defect to the 'insurrectionist' aka Constitutionalist anti-fascist side

the recent failures of Washington's counterinsurgency against poorly equipped and often poorly led jihadists in Iraq and Afghanistan -- as opposed to Americans who cut their teeth fighting such insurgents and know all the same tricks

the vulnerability of all vital infrastructure including the power grid headed into major cities

and most importantly, the number of U.S. military from regions such as the South and West where they would be ordered to shoot their kith and kin

Washington is unlikely to win such a conflict against millions of Americans. This is not 1865, the 'Johnny Rebs' ain't going to fight gentlemanly, there 150 million rifles of battlefield utility plus 2 billion rounds in private hands, and all the would be Heydrichs directing the blackbagging or mass killing of fellow Americans are likely to have to live in bunkers

Witness recent history with the D.C. sniper or even the sheer panic that set in among law enforcement at the spectacle of the murdering psychopath Christopher Dorner several months ago.

Now imagine a scenario where it's the feds who have turned loose black uniform-wearing psychopaths on the population and are now hated, with large swathes of the country sympathetic to the 'insurgents', aka restorationists, many of whom will come from the Marines, Army and National Guard units. The LEGAL shaping of the Second American Civil War battlefield has already started Catherine, what with Eric Holder waging lawfare against Texas, FLAT OUT IGNORING the Supreme Court ruling the provisions of the Voting Rights Act he's trying to enforce are null and void (how's that for INSURRECTION Catherine?). Politico reports this weekend 37 states, most of them outside of the old Confederacy including Kansas, are either considering or have passed legislation to NULLIFY federal acts deemed unConstitutional/flagrantly tyrannical. So Catherine, still think everyone's going to just lay down and die for D.C. and the boys at Ft. Meade and at the Utah Data Center? You and your entire NSA loving online mafia'd better hink again.

So no, Catherine the people you bootlick and apologize for are NOT going to win. And where does that leave you? Starving sitting in the dark in Manhattan most likely surrounded by desperate, hungry people. That's what a Second American Civil War would be like for you. I'm not even going to say what it would be like for Pir-wrong in Houston.

All explained here. Last time I checked, neither Bob Owens or Matthew Bracken has been arrested for making 'death threats'. Because the scenarios they outline are warnings, like the Day After you may recall from the 1980s was a warning Catherine against the USA and USSR destroying eachother. In this case I've been patiently warning your entire NSA worshipping clique that you people are destroying yourselves and enabling the destruction of this country and everything you claim to hold dear.

Mr. X

As for you and Pir-wrong's contemptable trolling of Joshua Foust, he doesn't owe any of you a damn thing:

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